b'MICA LEADERSHIP:(Continued from page 9)PresidentDoug Barton, Midwest Insulation Ser- still conduct compliance inspections in the case of an vices, Omaha, NE.OSHA reportable illness, injury, or employee com- President-ElectLeeStuckenschmidt,Systemsplaint.Undercover, Eaton, CO.Vice-PresidentKevin Rambo, F & H Insulation,OSHAbeganitsenforcementeffortsin2012.On Kechi, KS.July19,2012,OSHApublishedamemorandumTreasurerPeter Gauchel, L & C Insulation, La- with a directive to expedite heat related inspections. Crosse, WI.It identified its goal the swift abatement and reduc-tion of heat related illnesses and death. This was tenAssociate PresidentDarrell Peil, Knauf Insula- years before OSHA declared the NEP for heat illness tion, Rock Hill, SC.prevention.Atthattime,complianceofficerswere directed to consider whether the employer was em-ployingfeasibleandusefulmethodstocorrectthe hazard. These were identified as providing immedi-MICA BOARD OF DIRECTORS:ateaccesstowater,restandshade(something OSHA still emphasizes now in 2022), have an accli- Doug Barton, Midwest Insulation Services, Oma- matizationprogram,implementawork/restsched-ha, NE.ule, and provide climate-controlled cool down areas. Ted Nickel, Mavo Systems, Inc., White Bear Lake, MN.Now that we have the NEP, OSHA has added someRudy Nigl, L & C Insulation, LaCrosse, WI.additional points for compliance officers to look forGeorge Shimada, Gagnon, Inc., Franksville , WI.when inspecting an employer under the NEP. They are: We are continually looking for new member involve- 1.Does the employer have administrative controls ment at the Board and committee levels.Contact thein place? MICAofficeoranofficerifyouareinterestedin2.Is the employer using a buddy system? taking a more active role.3.Do workers have access to cool water? 4.Does the employer require hydration breaks and rest breaks? (Continued on page 15) 12'