b'been neglected. From my experience, the piping and ducts would either have duct tape, electrician tape or white vinyl wrap applied as the temporary insulation and yes, there always on a tight budget and want it completed by tomorrow. As contractors, we all have been down this road every summer with this type of customer. Hopefully,everyoneishavingaproductiveand profitable summer so far. Before we know it, sum-mer will be over, and we will be complaining about theearlywinterweather.Whydoesitseemlike summer never lasts as along as the other three sea-sons? However, our savior is Pro and College foot-ball starting at the end of August. I am already tried andboredofwatchingbaseballandnonamegolf tournaments. Plus, a person can only play so much golf and pickleball. Most important, put on your cal-endar the Fall MICA Meeting in Omaha Oct 12th -PRESIDENTS MESSAGE14 th,at the downtown Marriott Hotel.Hello MICA Members,RememberMICAMembers,everyoneofyouare pretty good at this insulation business! What happen to the month of July? By the time you receive this message, July will be history."Stay The Course" I am still thinking about the great June MICA meet-ing we had in Florida. On the contrary, the summerTake care, months always are a very busy time of the year for both the contractors and associates.Doug Barton Betweenplanningfamilyvacations,wealsohaveMICA President deadlines on finishing schools, keeping up with your workloadandnothavingmechanicalcontractors screaming at you to finish. The only problem with family vacations is that the summers seem to get cut shorter due kids going back to school earlier every year. I propose that we go back to summer vacation starting after Memorial Day and ending after Labor Day.Iknowitseemslikealongtimeofffrom school, but it gives the parents more time and less anxietytoplanthatgreatvacationtrip.Currently, your family have less than 60 days to plan anything let alone dealing with all the summer sports and ac-tivities. I still t. k a few northern states like Wiscon-sin,Dakota\'sandMinnesotastillkeepthislonger schedule due to the tourism and needing high school kids as employees.Enough on summer vacations.During these hot months, we get a lot of calls from oldchurches,oldschoolsandoldofficebuildings thathaveaninchortwoofcondensationintheir boiler/mechanicalroom.Thepipesorductworkinsulation have 30-year-old torn insulation that have 3'