b'Steep SlopeContinued from page 8temperatures (35F and below) have a negative impact on adhesive tensile strength. Moisture (condensation or liquid) on substrates to which two component low-rise foam adhesive is applied is detrimental to the bond between adhesive and substrate. Condensation was observed on the aluminum puck surface during 35F specimen fabrication. A second set of specimens was created within a controlled freezer environment to account for condensation formation. Despite these measures, fabricating suitable specimens in cold temperatures still resulted in low strengths which we believe is partly attributable to condensation on the aluminum pucks, despite our effort to limit condensation from forming. Figure 5. Graph of curing temperature versus adhesive strength. 85F temperature (BE) - Both Manufacturer A andYou can find the full report of the Low-Rise Foam Manufacturer B puck specimens conditioned at 85FAdhesive Research Project at www.mrca.org in the had similar strengths for four day and seven-dayMembers Only Section under Exclusive Member specimens (A -15.56 psi vs. 16.70 psi) (B - 5.53Downloads.psi vs. 7.39 psi). www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer 9'