b'BUSINESS MANAGEMENT CYBER SECURITYContinued from page 439.Lear to count inventory materials and check toA FUTURE WITHOUT PASSWORDSsee if stock needs are met as well as calculatingJack Gerbs, Quanexusjob needs to be added to stock for ordering. This helps understand what the items are and seeingApple, Google, and Microsoft are on labels helps with units. the road to eliminating passwords 10.Create a spreadsheet to calculate stock and jobfor all online services. The three needs and sort and total by item and check fortech giants committed to adding or truckload weight or volume enabling the technology needed to 11. Entering material that needs to be transferred fromallow users to choose their phone inventory to jobs really helps to retain item numbersas the main authentication device for websites and and units as well as appropriate cost. digital services. A user would be able to unlock their 12. Review the material entry for accuracy smartphone, as they do now, with a PIN, face ID, or fingerprint, and that action would take the place of 13.estimated to actual job cost helps toentering a password on a website. The authentication Compare understand when costs are duplicated or notwould work through a cryptographic token called a present.It can also help identify missed changepasskey. The new authentication method would also orders make phishing more difficult because login would Magic Learning Formula:require a physical device.Relate, Tell, Show, Do, Review and Apply Passwords are an ineffective way to authenticate for Relateto something familiar to the trainee a service. Users are bad at password management. About 25% of people reuse passwords, and an equal Tellwhat step they will be learning25% use weak, easily guessable passwords. But we Show- demonstrate how the work is done can relate to these users. Passwords are a pain, and we are expected to remember a different password Do- ask the trainee to do the work while you are therefor every service. There are password managers, for support but they have low usage rates because users dont Reviewprovide feedback and ask questions to confirmknow what they are, or dont trust them.understanding The FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance is the group ApplyHave the trainee practice the skill and checkbehind the higher-level authentication technology. To for accuracy maximize adoption FIDO was looking for something end-users already have and making the process as user-friendly as possible. The FIDO Alliance takes authentication out of the hands of the individual service and moves it to a higher-level security mechanism.This shift from letting every service fend for themselves withtheirownpassword-basedauthentication systemtorelyingonthehighersecurityofthe platforms authentication mechanisms, is how we can meaningfully reduce the Internets over reliance on passwords at a massive scale, FIDO said.The FIDO Alliance has been working on a password-freeworkflowforadecadenow.Thislatest announcement is the largest step we have seen in the quest to zero passwords.www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer 45'