b'STEEP SLOPEFOAM INSULATION AND ROOFING SYSTEMSBy: Paul Ramon, PresidentRamon Roofing Inc. Spray foam insulation has manyand underlayment will tend to bake in the hot benefits.Sprayfoamdoesasun. This will likely shorten their serviceable life. wonderfuljobofmakingyourIt can also cause you to lose the manufacturers home more energy efficient bywarranty that comes with your shingles and the keeping your house cool in theunderlayment. In addition, unless there are vents of summer and trapping heat in thesome sort in the attic, condensation may become winter. It also provides a great airtight seal thata problem if the house is humid, and that humid helps reduce outside noise and helps againstair infiltrates the attic. Thus, could cause mold or allergens. However, when it comes to roofing, spraywood rot.foam insulation can be the cause of several issues. A possible solution is to provide an air space I have a concern about spraying foam directly onbetween the roof sheathing and the insulation. the underside of the roof sheathing and rafters.Whether you use conventional fiberglass batt Spray foam insulation will not allow water to passinsulation or use the foam, I recommend providing through it. Thus, should you develop a roof leak,an air channel between the insulation and the there may be no evidence of it in the attic untilroof sheathing. Air from the soffit vents will flow significant damage to the roof sheathing and raftersup along the sheathing and exit via a ridge vent has occurred. I have seen this issue personally onor several roof low profile vents. I recommend several homes in the DFW market. In fact, I havea minimum of one and one-half inches of space seen total roof collapse.between the insulation and the sheathing.Another potential issue is that with the insulationA better option, in my opinion, is to use the spray-sprayed on the underside of the roof, your shingleson foam between the heated portion of the house Continued on page 4746 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'