b'7:30 AM8:50 AM (Room 204 A-B)Gary W. Auman, Auman Mahan & Furry: What is the General Duty Clause and How May It Be Used by OSHA and What is a Competent versus a Qualified Person and the Importance of Having a Thorough Safety Program. (1.5 CEU) Here we will discuss the OSHA General Duty Clause and how it may be and is used in our industry. I will also discuss the application of the General Duty Clause under the Multi-Employer Worksite Doctrine and how that doctrine may affect you. Finally, if time permits, we will discuss the difference between a competent and qualified person. We will also discuss the importance of a company specific safety program and effective training. 9:00 AM10:20 AM (Room 203 B) Charlie Smith, McElroy Metal: "12 Ways to Recover an Existing Sloped Roof With Metal (1.5 CEU) Course will explore how to use a structural standing seam roof system in recover applications on an existing building with a sloped roof. The course will cover 9 ways to do a metal over metal recover, how to put metal over sloped single ply or modified Bitumen roof as well as metal over shingle applications. We will cover the advantages and pit falls in each application, when it is best to just do a tear off and the sustainable attributes of leaving the existing roof in place.9:00 AM10:20 AM (Room 204 A-B) Ken Kooistra, Georgetown Innovations LLC: "Get A Grip On Your Business" (1.5 CEU) Many of the most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders work longer hours and get less return on their investments of time and money. Maybe you grapple with some of these challenges: Lack of control over time, markets, or your company. People who dont listen, understand, or follow through. Profit thats inconsistent and/or theres not enough. Growth is happening, but you cant break through to the next level. Quick fixes that come and go, bringing little change with continued frustrations.9:30 AM10:20 AM (Room 201 A) PANEL: "Overcoming Supply Chain Issues" (1 CEU) 9:30 AM10:20 AM (Room 203 A) Bill Elliott, Bill Elliott Coaching: "Work Force Development and the Employee Lifecycle" (1 CEU) In this job seekers market there are no rules. The construction trades will not be overlooked anymore for career opportunities. The premiere training provided along with the market growth continue to be what we can provide for next generation employees. Take time to understand what motivates job seekers and current colleagues in todays workforce trends. By the end of this presentation, you will be able to get started on your organizations work force development plan and have an even stronger understanding of the employee lifecycle. 10:30 AM11:15 AM Keynote Speaker Jeff Frye (former MLB player) (Room 202 A-D)11:30 AM1:00 PM RCAT Business/Membership Meeting & Awards Luncheon (FWCC Ballroom C) 11:30 AM1:00 PM MRCA Annual Business Meeting & Awards Luncheon (FWCC, Ballroom A)1:00 PM5:00 PM Expo OpenFeaturing 150+ Exhibits!(FWCC Exhibit Hall A) -Door Prize Drawings Start at 2:00 PM! You MUST be present to win! -Expo Happy Hour Food & Beverage Service Starts at 3:00 PM! -$5,000 RCAT Raffle Winner Drawn at 4:45 PM!Thursday, September 29, 2022 8:00 AM12:00 PM (Room 201 C) RCAT Licensing Exam Administration PRE-QUALIFICATION & REGISTRATION 8:00 AM- 8:50 AM (Room 202 B) Patrick Berridge, Berridge Manufacturing: "Advantages of Metal Roofing" (1 CEU)ARE REQUIRED. NO WALK-INS! 8:00 AM- 8:50 AM (Room 202 C-D) Gregg Walther & Morgan Christy, Unity Insurance Partners: "Perils of UninsuredSub Contractors (1 CEU) Subcontractors who subcontract out all or a portion of their work face unique challenges in You must be FULLY REGISTERED for the conference to gain entrance to the following seminars. their obligations to their customer and their lower tier subcontractor(s). Gregg Walther and Morgan Christy of Unity Space in each room will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Insurance Partners will discuss the problems lurking in the contracts you sign and how certificates of insurance your subs provide may fall short of the protection you seek when you hire a subcontractor. The seminar will include several 8:00 AM2:00 PMSeminars / Educational Programs for Residential & Commercial Roofing real-life stories that will help you see how the concepts discussed apply to your exposure when you sub out work. Contractors(FW Convention Center, Level 2 rooms indicated below) 8:00 AM- 8:50 AM (Room 203 A-B) Mark Graham, NRCA: "Low Slope: Update on Roofing Industry Technical Issues" (1 CEU)ROOFING CONFERENCE 2022 SCHEDULE OF SEMINARSPage 2 of 5 8:00 AM9:20 AM (Room 202 A) Gary W. Auman, Auman Mahan & Furry: What May Be Missing from Key Parts of Your Safety Program (1.5 CEU) Over the past 20+ years I have graded applications for industry awards from the review of key portions of the safety programs in the roofing, post frame, insulation, and general construction industries. I will draw from the applications I have graded and discuss what I have found contractors omitting from these key parts of their programs. The discussion will include, but will not be limited to, such topics as fall protection, heat illness prevention, safety orientation, and accident investigation. 8:00 AM9:50 AM (Room 201 A-B) Steve Patrick, LP Loss Consulting: "The Future of Roofing Insurance Claims" (2 CEU) What is the future of the roofing industry regarding insurance claims? Is there something you should consider doing to leverage this inevitable future, to increase profits?8:00 AM9:50 AM (Room 204 A-B) Stephane McShane, Maxim Consulting: Enabling Success: Creating Alignment Between Field & Office" (2 CEU) For construction firms to thrive, synergy, teamwork and trust must exist between the office and the field.The proper deployment of defined processes and tools will facilitate this critical alignment.This collaboration must begin before mobilization and continue through project closeout.During this session, we will discuss the workflow that must exist in order to mitigate risk and maximize productivity. During this session, we will discuss why the processes of preconstruction planning, short interval planning, production tracking, daily project reports, exit strategy, and lessons learned are critical to the organization.We will also discuss what the benefits are for each member of the team, and how these processes can be properly implemented. 9:00 AM10:20 AM (Room 203 A-B) NICB, RCAT, & NTRCA: "Don\'t Fraud My Texas" (1.5 CEU) 9:00 AM9:50 AM (Room 202 B) Michael Polizzi, A.C.T. Metal Deck: "Metal Deck 101: Metal Deck Replacement" (1 CEU) Commercial re-roof projects often run into the need to replace structural metal deck beneath the roof system. The details may be unknown until the roof is actually torn off and then the job is on hold until this is resolved. Many of these decks are older with obsolete profiles. The course explains how to identify, match, quote and install metal deck. All roofers would agree that an open roof is not the best time for a crash course on metal deck. This presentation provides the tools roofers needbefore they need them. 9:00 AM9:50 AM (Room 202 C-D) Rich Koziol & Jeff Plumridge, Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. for MRCA Technical & Research Committee: "Part 2 - Low Slope Foam Adhesive Testing (1 CEU) The MRCA T&R Committee objective for this testing and research project was to determine: What effect does shelf life and application temperature have on the tensile strength of low-rise foam adhesives?A test program focused on both physical and chemical test methods was developed to answer that question. The testing program included comparison of two cartridge-dispensed adhesive materials categorized into before and after expiration dates printed on the cartridges and testing the adhesive in direct tension using aluminum pucks to measure the tensile strengths and studying and testing the foam adhesive in liquid and cured states to evaluate and measure the chemical reactions and cellular formation of the polyurethane foam adhesive. 9:30 AM10:50 AM (Room 202 A) PANEL: "Ask the Roofing Industry Experts" (1.5 CEU)www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer32 ROOFING CONFERENCE 2022 SCHEDULE OF SEMINARSPage 3 of 5'