b'Garys Corner Continued from page 38the employer also encourage their employees tomust document each step you take as you move drink electrolyte drinks in addition to water. OSHAforwardtodevelopyourheatillnessprevention also reminds employers that employees shouldprogramandimplementitandapplyittoyour not consume more than six eight ounce cups ofemployees. You should document the procedures water per hour. Again, this is a topic that shouldyou undertake to ensure you always have adequate be discussed with your company physician tocool water on every jobsite. You should carefully establish the appropriate frequency and amountdocument all training regimens you employ to educate of hydration.your employees regarding the entire spectrum of heat 4.As I have already indicated, the fourth componentillness prevention.of protection for the jobsite is to provide shade or aRemember, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to climate controlled area for employees for cooling- provide a place of employment for your employees off periods. You should set up cool shaded restthat is free of recognized hazards that could cause, areas with close proximity to the jobsite. OSHAor likely to cause, death or serious physical harm. also suggests that you provide shade, hats andTherefore,youSHOULDNOTjusttrainyour sunscreen and encourage employees to use thememployees and then leave it up to them to comply with when working in a high heat index environmenttheir training. You cannot rely on your employees to and/or direct sunlight. There have been casescomply with your heat illness prevention procedures reported in which employees have been directedbecause THEY DO NOT FEEL THEY NEED THEM! to go to a cooling-off area which was somewhatYouMUSTplacetheresponsibilityonyoursite remotefromtheactivejobsiteand,becausesupervisorsTOENSUREthatALLemployees they were already experiencing the symptoms ofremaininfullcompliancewithyourheatillness heatstroke, wondered aimlessly around for a longprevention program whenever the heat index goes period of time with unfavorable consequences.above minimal risk. Your site supervisors should So, when you set up your cooling-off area, setconstantly monitor the heat index on the site. They it up close enough to the jobsite that someoneshould also ENSURE that all employees comply with can at least watch an employee heading for thethe steps that you have in place to protect them from cooling-off area until they get to that location.heat illness, based on the heat index at the job site. 5. ThefinalcomponentoftheNIOSHCriteriaThe supervisors should also recognize that these Document for heat illness prevention is training.safeguards may change throughout the day as the You should train your employees on all the illnessesheat index changes. Employees MUST understand that can arise from working in a high heat indexthat complying with your work rules to prevent heat environment. You should train your employeesillness are, as with all other safety rules, not optional, regarding the hazards of those conditions, as wellbut are MANDATORY!as the symptoms that individuals experience inLEGAL SERVICES PROGRAM:each of those conditions. Again, the OSHA - NIOSHMRCA has a Legal Services Program established heat app provides good information with regardswith Auman, Mahan and Furry (AMF), that allows to those symptoms. Your employees should alsoMRCA members one complimentary phone call each be trained in how to recognize those symptomsmonth at now charge.If you have questions about in themselves and others and the first-aid stepsHeat Illness Prevention, contact AMF at (937) 223-that should be taken for each of the conditions.6003.Tell them you are a MRCA Member and you The preceding five components summarize whatare calling under the (Inset name of association) OSHA considers to be feasible steps under theLegal Services Plan and would like to speak with General Duty Clause an employer can take toGary Auman.prevent heat illness in its employees.I urge you to download a copy of the app I haveMRCA SAFETY MANUAL TEMPLATEbeen referring to in this bulletin, and with the stepsYou may also want to look at the MRCA Safety outlinedabove,developyourownheatillnessManual Template.This is designed specifically for prevention program. These are the minimum stepsRoofing Contractors and includes a Heat Illness that need to be taken to protect your employees fromPrevention Policy section.heat illness and its consequences. Remember, you 40 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'