b'COMMITTEE OVERVIEWSTechnical and Research CommitteeChairperson: Randy Adams, R. Adams Roofingto provide consultingIndianapolis, IN supportforthese Purpose:The T&R Committees primary purposeupcomingresearch is to perform the investigation and analysis of anyprojects.WJE has a and all roofing materials, systems and products,longhistoryandis which are or may be applied to or used by theknownacrossthe Associations Members as determined by thecountryfortheir Technical & Research Committee. innovative solutions to construction-related Looking to The Future: COVID-19 hit and forced MRCA to cancel its 2020problems.WJE will be Conference and Expo.The T&R Committee and their projects are the centera key partner to T&R in point of the Annual Conference and it was a big let-down for the Committeemaking sure that research project results are useful and practical to our to miss a year in providing project results and technical seminars for ourmember firms.Members. Meanwhile, in the short run, T&R is filling the technical education gap by However, T&R Committee Chairman Randy Adams and the entire Committeereaching out to our Associate Members for technical information and training have not only taken this set-back in stride but have made it an opportunity. sessions that they have developed that can be provided on a webinar basis.Since they have an additional 12 months of working time, they have developedT&R is planning to present these technical topics in webinar form.These an aggressive list of T&R Research Projects with a focus of presenting theirwebinars are to be scheduled on a regular basis and will be provided to the results at the 2021 MRCA Conference and Expo. MRCA Membership.You can anticipate a lot of activity from this committee.T&R has also teamed up with Wiss, Janney, Elstner & Associates, Inc. (WJE)T&R is the foundation of MRCA being the Roofing Contractors Advocate!PAST PRESIDENTS COUNCILChairperson: Kevin Gwaltney, Diamond Roofing - Dodge City,MRCA Women in Roofing KS (WinR) CouncilPurpose:ThepurposeoftheCouncilistorecognizethe contributions made to the Association by those who have servedChairperson: Laurie Moore, as its President and McCawley Award Winners and to recognizeKreiling Roofing Companythat those individuals still have much they can contribute to thePeoria, Illinoisfuture success of the Association.The Council creates a forum toPurpose: Women in Roofing assist the Association as it grows and moves forward. (WinR) supports the success MRCA Living History: The Council has been working diligentlyofwomen contractors in the to update the MRCA History that was published in the 1980s.All of the old MRCA files haveroofing industry through peerrelationships and been reviewed, scanned, and stored, including all issues of MR.The next step is to figure outeducation. WinR provides a place forwomen working how to put all of this information into a document that the membership can read and enjoyin Roofing Contractor companies to quickly and to for years to come, and in addition, keep an archive of what is happening now within MRCAefficiently relate to and to interact withothers in similar and the roofing industry. roles with common interests and aspirations. We are Contractors, raising the bar for ourindustry!WinR The Presidents Council has decided to explore a completely new concept called the MRCAisdesignedtosupport Living History.This is going to be a continuous timeline that can be accessed online andwomen RoofingContractors available to all members.This continuous timeline is going to range from MRCAs creation tothroughnetworking, education today.It will display the MRCA history on a year by year basis, and the best part is that it canandmentorship.be updated at any time.Past Presidents will be encouraged to go online and add additionalProjects: WinR hosts two special facts and information to what is already listed.So, this will actually be a MRCA Living History.eventsattheannualMRCA It is the hope of the Past Presidents Council that this will be fun and an ever-changing recordConference and Expo: The WinR for MRCA. Contractors Luncheon and an Annual Past Presidents Dinner: This has grown in participation each year and has turnededucational session that targets the specific needs of into a great time of comradery, renewing old friendships, and talking about the memoriesRoofing Contractors. This group also engages in raising of the industry and MRCA.Chairman, Kevin Gwaltney, has a terrific Past Presidents Dinnerawareness and financial relief to various causes.WinR scheduled in conjunction with the Annual Conference being held in Milwaukee, Novemberis currently working with several chapters of the Girl 9-11, 2021.All Past Presidents should attend.It is guaranteed a great time. Scouts of the USA to bolster programs that show girls the path to a career in the construction trades.Contact: For more information or to join theMRCA Women In Roofing, visit the WinR page at mrca.org or find us on Facebook @WomenInRoofing ANNUAL REPORT | 7'