b'MIDWESTROOFINGCONTRACTORSASSOCIATIONIntroducing.Training Network NOW! Midwest Roofing Contractors Association is pleased to announce our new partnership withTraining Network, an industry leader with over 38 years of experience providing Safety &Health video training content. Our members can requestaccess to Training Network NOW, an online Video-On-Demand platform with a comprehensive library of Safety & Health Training Videos. We are excited to be adding this resource as a benefit to our members, and we believe that Training Network NOW will be a useful tool in driving Safety Awareness and instilling a positive Safety Culture! Key Features & BenefitsDelivers high-quality Safety & HR training content directly to your computer,tablet, or mobile device.700+ videos, 450+ in Spanish, making TN NOW! one of the largest Video-On-Demand libraries available.Unlimited, 24/7 access means training content is available whenever & wherever you need it!Access to support materials for every video, including downloadable Leaders Guides, Quizzes, Attendance Logs, & Completion Certificates.Video-on-demand format is perfect for both group/instructor-led training & Individual Training.For more information on how to access our video-on-demand safety training programs, please visit our website, email us or call 800-497-6722 for additional information.Midwest Roofing Contractors Association7250 Poe Avenue, Suite 410Dayton, Ohio 45414800-497-6722info@mrca.orgwww.mrca.orgTraining Network+ 800-397-5215support@trainingnetwork.com'