b'MIDWEST MRCA SHARP SAFETY PROGRAM VIDEO SERIES ROOFINGCONTRACTORS N E W R E L E A SEASSOCIATIONIntroducing.Training Network NOW! Midwest Roofing Contractors Association is pleased to announce our new partnership with NEW EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION SPANISH EDITIONTraining Network, an industry leader with over 38 years of experience providing Safety &Health video training content. Our members can requestaccess to Training Network NOW, an online Video-On-Demand platform with a comprehensive library of Safety & Health TrainingGET YOUR DVD OR DIGITAL COPY TODAY!Videos. We are excited to be adding this resource as a benefit to our members, and we believe that Training Network NOW will be a useful tool in driving Safety Awareness and instilling a positive Safety Culture! Key Features & BenefitsDelivers high-quality Safety & HR training content directly to your computer,tablet, or mobile device.700+ videos, 450+ in Spanish, making TN NOW! one of the largest Video-On-Demand libraries available. To request your copy call us!Unlimited, 24/7 access means training content is available whenever & wherever1-800-497-6722you need it!Access to support materials for every video, including downloadable Leaders Guides, Quizzes, Attendance Logs, & Completion Certificates.Video-on-demand format is perfect for both group/instructor-led training & Individual Training.For more information on how to access our video-on-demand safety training programs, please visit our website, email us or call 800-497-6722 for additional information.Midwest Roofing Contractors Association7250 Poe Avenue, Suite 410Dayton, Ohio 45414800-497-6722info@mrca.orgwww.mrca.orgTraining Network+ 800-397-5215support@trainingnetwork.com'