b'COMMITTEE OVERVIEWSCERTA TaskforceChairperson: James Ramser, HighlandMRCA will also continue its current marketing efforts by attending Roofing CompanyLouisville, KY dozens of industry events, and convention and trade shows with Purpose: The purpose of this Taskforce is tothe CERTA Booth display; speaking with Insurance Companies oversee the administrative and marketingabout why CERTA certification is critical for their clients; and aspects of the MRCA/NRCA CERTA Torchassist Apprentice and Journeymen Training Classes in offering Applicator Training Program. Applicator Classes. Goals: MRCA continues to recognize theSo, do not be surprised importance to the Industry of the Certified Roofing Torch Applicatorif you see the MRCA Program (CERTA).MRCA CERTA Taskforce Chairman, Jim Ramser,CERTA Trailer traveling is carrying out an aggressive marketing program for CERTA andaround the Midwest has strong budget support from the MRCA Board of Directors. throughout the year.In response to the limitations placed on our industry by Covid-19, MRCA has quickly developed a CERTA online Applicator Training Session.The session includes a training video; an online classroom course; and an online video confirmation of completion of the hands-on portion of the applicator course.This online course will continue to be used even after the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted because it will be a very economical and convenient method for roofing contractors to receive the applicator training. Another innovation is to promote CERTA through the use of Programmatic Advertising. MRCA has entered the exciting realm of digital marketing that will give CERTA the ability to effectively market to a particularly niche audience through retargeting based on website habits, keyword search and geofencing. This software will allow MRCA to promote Torch Safety/CERTA to a broad base of Roofing Contractors, Building Enclosure Consultants, Code Officials, and Fire Life Safety Officials.Steep Slope Committee Signatory Contractors CouncilChairperson: Brett Tesson, TessonChairperson:LaurieMoore,Kreiling Roofing & Exteriors.St. Louis, MO Roofing CompanyPeoria, ILPurpose: The purpose of this CommitteePurpose: The purpose of the Signatory is to enhance the services that MRCAContractors Council is to assist MRCA provides to steep slope contractors andMembers that are party to a labor collective material and service suppliers. Thisbargaining agreement with a building Committee is charged with: identifyingtrades union.The Committee is primarily potential members intheseindustryfocused on firms that are signatory with segments; recommendingnewthe United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers services, training, or resources needed by the industry;and Allied Workers.recommending tailored marketing of existing memberDue to Covid-19, the Committee was forced to cancel its first services to this segment; and incorporating this segmentconference.The conference had a great lineup of speakers into the 2021 Conference and Expo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.that included discussions of Bargaining Structures; Labor Law Basics; Taft-Hartley Fringe Benefit Fund issues; and assistance Projects:SteepSlopeUniversitywillhostitsfourthin negotiations offered by the Federal Mediation Service.The graduating class in 2021. Each year the attendance atCommittee is going to reschedule the Conference as soon as this unique program has increased exponentially! Thethe Covid-19 situation will permit.Committee is planning two full days of programmingThe Council is moving ahead on its Contract and Wage Summary that will tackle controversial but critical issues that SteepNotebook and plans to release that in late fall of 2020.Slope Contractors face every day. The Committee isOf course, the issue of recruiting quality apprentices is high on currently helping to build on the new consumer segmenteveryones list, and there is discussion about offering a webinar, of the MRCA Website and develop on-demand content foror series of webinars, on this topic.contractors on everything from overhead to insurance, sales to subcontracting, and more!ANNUAL REPORT | 5'