b'2 | ANNUAL REPORTEach SummerMRCA releases the most recent years of Year-End Balancenowtoevaluateandrevolutionizethisorganizationto SheetsfortheMidwestRoofingContractorsAssociationmakeitabetter,moreeffective,andmoreefficient and MRCA Foundation. I am pleased to report that theadvocate for todays roofing contractors. MRCA and MRCA Foundation are continuing their positiveNow being freed from the how weve always done things financialtrends.Thesetrendshavebeenbolsteredbyand being afforded the chance to really consider how we strong membership growth and the great success of ourcould do things must become the silver lining to this very Annual Conference and Expo. I would like to thank you fordark cloud over our world today. I look forward to sharing your support of the organization, your advocacy to yourthisjourneywiththemanydedicatedleadersfromour colleagues about the value of participating in the MRCABoard, Committees and Councils that have stepped up and especially your ongoing support of the Foundation.to take on this challenge.Strong momentum from a stellar 2019 Conference and Midwest Roofing Contractors Association, Inc.Expoandagreatplanforthe2020Conferenceroll-Balance Sheetout quickly led instead to difficult decisions about how tobestservetheMRCAMembershipinthisCOVID-192019 2018 2017 2016Year End Year End Year End Year Endenvironment. While we ultimately chose to postpone theDec 31, 19 Dec 31, 18 Dec 31, 17 Dec 31, 16Conference until 2021, the Board and Committees haveASSETSCurrent Assetspivotedquicklytoofferadiversearrayofnewsafety,Checking Account 482,408.27 452,288.17 305,698.24 187,083.89CD 200,000.00 0.00 0.00 0.00legal, technical, and business resources. The Committees682,408.27 452,288.17 305,698.24 187,083.89Total CheckingarecontinuingtoinnovatebyusingtechnologiesoldOther Current AssetsMoney Market Account 439,566.81 15,605.59 2,385.79 3,518.28and new to deliver not only the programs and servicesInvestment Account 4,551.29 387,248.21 438,788.07 386,557.08you have come to rely on, but new member benefits toDue From Foundation 35,000.00 0.00 0.00 0.00Total Other Current Assets 479,118.10 402,853.80 441,173.86 390,075.36flexibly meet the current needs of roofing contractors.Total Current Assets 1,161,526.37 855,141.97 746,872.10 577,159.25TOTAL ASSETS 1,161,526.37 855,141.97 746,872.10 577,159.25I learned a long time ago that you should never wasteLIABILITIES & EQUITYa crisis. This pandemic has made us all stop and look atEquityUnrealized Gain (Loss) on Investment 54,369.29 17,093.00 70,325.30 25,142.56what we are doing, how we are doing it and considerUnrestricted Net Assets 838,048.97 675,656.80 552,016.69 474,174.43Net Income 269,108.11 162,392.17 124,530.11 77,842.26with a new perspective what we should and should notTotal Equity 1,161,526.37 855,141.97 746,872.10 577,159.25take into the future. This evaluation is happening in everyTOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY 1,161,526.37 855,141.97 746,872.10 577,159.25committee in the MRCA.We have the perfect opportunityMRCA Current MembershipContractor Members 360Contractor Branch Members 24Associate Members 118The MRCA will continueAssociate Branch Members 18tobeTHEROOFING CONTRACTORS ADVOCATE! MRCA Membership18118Fred Horner2020 MRCA PresidentAdvanced Industrial Roofing, Inc. 24Massillon, OH 360Contractor Members Contractor Branch MembersAssociate Members Associate Branch Members'