b'Member SpotlightMore than a Commitment to Safety position at MSD prior to taking over operations, and Mechanical Systems of Dayton when he stepped up a lot of effort was focused onsafety, recalled Phil. Phil Smith, Safety Manager for Mechanical Systems of Dayton, looks at his role within MSD as more than just aThe emphasis MSD has placed on safety is paying off! job. Phil oversees the safety of almost 200 employeesThe national average OSHA recordable rate for that work for MSD. At MSD, safety starts on day one,companies like MSD is 3.8, MSDs is 1.94. Im very said Phil, Part of the new employee onboardingproud of that, said Phil, We have had one OSHAprocess is fairly intense safety instruction. The safetyrecordable injury this year and three last year. At the training doesnt stop there.All of our foremen andtime of this interview MSD had worked over 607,000 most journeymen carry their OSHA 31-15 certificatehours since the last lost time injury. which means they have completed 24 hours of Fall Protection Trainingincluding 8 hours of hands-onNick Davis, Director of Business at training. All supervisors, foremen, and managersMSD, is pleased with Philscomplete their OSHA 30 before they even step onto thecommitment to MSD and safety, project site.Phil walks safety every day. At MSD, safety is part of our daily Phil usually checks his email firstculture. Protecting our team thing. Sometimes a field guy willmembers and the partners we work with positions our team toNick Davis run into a challenge and Ill run outDirector of Business to the project to help figure out a exceed the expectations of our solution. Keeping an open door clients. policy to all MSD employees is important to Phil, Our teamMSDs efforts for safety are not going unnoticed in the members have the right and the re- industry! MSD won the Builders Exchange of Daytons sponsibility to come to me with anySafety Award in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and safety issues they see. We owe itPhil Smith,2019, including winning at the highest level possible, not only to the company, but to our Safet yM an ager the Platinum Safety Award. We find our participation families to get home safe.in the BDX Safety Award Program extremely valuable. Having the different aspects of our own safety program Next, Phil will check the calendar in order to prepare forreviewed regularly gives us the opportunity to continu-any new employee training to be done. At MSD, theyously improve. The feedback and suggestions weve like to keep the onboarding to pretty small groups. Philreceived from accomplished OSHA attorney Gary notes they may have 1-3 new employee trainings aAuman have been implemented into our safety week depending on how many projects they have goingprograms many times. at the time.From there, Phil spends about 50% of his time on the jobsite, making sure he knows how PPE is working and to keep up with any upcoming needs as the job progresses. MSD was opened in 1984 by John and Bev Stewart, who ran the growing company up until about six years ago when all operations were turned over to their son, John (Johnny) Stewart. Now President and CEO of MSD, it was Johnny who hired Phil. At the time, Johnny had just taken over and Phil had been working in the field as a sheetmetal worker. Johnny had worked in everyThe MSD team at DBX Team Building Night 2019. Page 6CONSTRUCTION JOURNAL'