b'Economic Outlook4. The map below is where it all happens.Demographics drive growth because more people equals more economic activity. Adding up the lists, with a state having to appear on atleast two of them, indicates the best prospects for a sooner-rather-than-later recovery from the COVID Recession are: North CarolinaGeorgiaTennesseeColoradoUtahArizonaIdahoKnowing where the best economic prospects are from20212023 considering COVID and finances anddemographics means businesses can take action byallocating resources in geographic areas where it may do the most good. Perhaps you arent in a position to shift gears in these states, but you likely know which of yourcustomers face the greatest upside exposure from these states. Id marshal my resources in a manner that ensuresI am giving my company the best possible means ofmaximizing revenue and profits. Pivoting to where the better business will be provides an important leg up on the amount of recovery you will harvest. Page 12CONSTRUCTION JOURNAL'