b'Industry News Grady Mullins Elected Executive Director of the Dayton Building Trades CouncilHe has been a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, LocalUnion 82, for 40 years. Grady served Local Union 82 as the first full time Organizer for 17 years and as an Executive Board Member,Apprenticeship Trustee, Examining Board Member, and a member of the Labor Management Cooperative Committee.The Dayton Building Trades Council represents 18 construction craft unions, thousands of members of the skilled trades covering a ten-county area. The craft unions provide Skilled Craftsman andApprentices to union Signatory Contractors. They promote on the job safety to all of their members and to all workers in the construction industry. The Dayton Building Trades Council has been a member of the Dayton Builders Exchange for many years and have worked with the BX on many industry efforts.These have included the promotion within the area ConstructionIndustry of the United Way of Greater Dayton;and Team Building Night.Inaddition, their assistance in promoting the construction industry as a career path for our local young people just entering the job market. CERTIFIED ROOFING TORCHAPPLICATOR PROGRAM YOUR SOURCE FOR TORCH DOWN ROOF SYSTEM SAFETY TRAININGFOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: BOB POPE AT 800-497-6722 or BPOPE@MRCA.ORG Page 13CONSTRUCTION JOURNAL'