b'For Union Contractors Only Individual Provisions and Other Tax Incentives SMACNA STANDARDThe highly-anticipated CAA provides for a second round of directMANUALS AVAILABLE payments to individuals, which is modeled closely after the first round of stimulus funds distributed under the CARES Act.TheAt SMRCA MIAMI VALLEY CAA provides for direct payments up to $600 per individual and per qualified child, with no cap on household size.The direct payments may be reduced or eliminated for certain individuals based on higher income levels. The CAA also expanded the deduction businesses can take for business meals to 100% for 2021 and 2022. The EmployeeRetention Tax Credit has also been extended through July 1, 2021 and increased the refundable payroll tax credit from a maximum of $5,000 to $14,000 by altering the calculationmethod to 70% of wages paid up to $10,000 for any quarter. The CAA also clarified that businesses will be able to take theEmployee Retention Tax Credit and participate in the PPP.The CAA addressed flexible savings accounts, too, by permittingbalances to roll from the 2020 tax year into the 2021 tax year and 2021 balances to roll into 2022.The CAA also extended the repayment deadline from April 2021 to December 21, 2021, for those participating in the employee-side payroll tax deferral program.Unemployment and haredWork ProgramsSPEC IT RIGHTThe 5,593-page CAA also addresses various other relief packages and programs, including SharedWork and unemploymentANDTHENBUILD IT programs.Recall that the CARES Act provided for federalfunding of SharedWork programs until December 31, 2020,RIGHT! USE Awhich are layoff aversion programs that allow for employees toSMACNA CONTRACTOR! work a reduced schedule and receive unemployment benefits proportionate to their reduced hours as an alternative to implementing layoffs. Under the CAA, the federal funding for SharedWork programs is extended until March 14, 2021.The CAA also extends the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, theCONTACT EMILY MANDICH FORPandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation and theMANUALS AT (937) 278-0308Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation programs untilOR SMRCA@ASSNSOFFICE.COM March 14, 2021.However, this federally-funded additionalunemployment amount has been reduced from an additionalor visit www.smacna.org $600 per week to $300 per week. While the above guidance will assist employers in dealing with these complicated issues, please be reminded that this is an overview of developing legal issues and is not intended to be and should not be construed as legal advice.For more specific information, please contact Nadia A. Lampton, Board Certified Specialist in Labor and Employment Law, at (937) 641-2055. Page 17CONSTRUCTION JOURNAL'