b'THE PLAN ROOM POST From Plan Room Manager, John Grandetti Welcome to 2021: I believe I can speak for many that no other New Year has garnered so much hope for a better year than the year 2021. I know 2020 was challenging for us and can only imagine what it was like for you, so here is hoping for a better, less pandemicdriven 2021. Even though the calendar has turned over to a new year, many of our previous practices remain while the virus remains a threat. The building and the planroom require that you wear a mask while indoors. We are still able to fulfill blueprint orders and will bring them to your car. If you need documents, please email your request to Mariellen mgreen@bxohio.com . If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me or our staff and we will be happy to assist. John Grandetti, Website: As we head into our busy bidding season and need some guidance on how to bestPlan Room Managernavigate reports, please visit www.bxohio.com and go to the calendar to register for a webinar. We have a webinar the first three Thursdays of every month. The webinars lastabout an hour and are interactive with the attendees. For General Contractors, we do have new bid delivery software called BX Bid. This software is a natural progression from Private Planroom Plus. It gives our General Contractor members a tool to create and send invitations to bid, manage their database and their bids. If you are in need of bid delivery and would like to see the new system, please contact John for a demonstration or a free trial. For subcontractors who receive invites from our General Contractors, you will notice an option to view a beta version of BX Bid when you are logged into your Private Planroom. If you have any questions as a subcontractor, please let us know.Teambuilding Night: Every year the Builders Exchange of Dayton holds its annual Teambuilding Night. Normally this event would happen in the spring but due to Covid-19 we are going to be postponing until Thursday, August 26 th2021.If your company participated in a project over the past year that you feel should be recognized for excellence, please reach out to our staff for a nomination form.SOUTHWEST COUNTIES LIENS AND JUDGEMENTS REPORTS As Recorded by National Association of Credit Management (NACM)The Public Records Bulletin offers a synopsis of all commercial suits, liens, National bankruptcies and judgments filed in various counties throughout Southwest Ohio. SUITSsignaling possible financial difficulties LIENSalerting you that further investigation is needed JUDGEMENTSagainst your customers warning you to monitor the account closely. NATIONAL BANKRUPTCY FILINGShelping you avoid costly credit extensions.This service is a benefit of being a BX Dayton Member. To find current reports, go to the Member Services tab at www.bxdayton.com and click on Public Records Bulletin.*The accuracy of the reports is not guaranteed. The contents are gathered in good faith and sent to you by NACM Connect without liability for negligence in procuring, collecting, communicating, or failing to communicate the information so gathered. Page 4CONSTRUCTION JOURNAL'