b'Industry NewsConstruction Industry Shines With DBJ 2020 Business Of The Year AwardsThe Annual Dayton Business Journal Business of the Year Awards is designed to highlight the dynamic, innovative,and vibrant business community of the Miami Valley. The Miami Valley Construction Industry deservedly stood out in the awards presented, demonstrating that construction serves as a major part of the success of our local economy.PSC CRANE & RIGGINGJIM SEVER, PRESIDENT; RANDYSEVER, EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT JIM/ FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS WINNERPSC Crane & Rigging is an 87-year-old company started by Earl Sever in 1933.PSC is a crane rental, rigging, machinery moving, and industrial services business and is a well-respected name in the construction industry.PSC is in its fourth generation of family ownership, being led by Jim and Randy Sever. Congratulations to PSC in winning this well-deserved award. 2J SUPPLYJASON TRIMBACH, CEO/ FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS FINALISTCEO Jason Trimbach is keeping 2J moving forward with a newcorporate headquarters being completed and expanding itsmarket area into Indianapolis.All of this in the face of COVID- 19. Sales has been strong for the company that currentlyemploys 125 people.Congratulations to Jason and 2J Supply inbeing recognized for their contribution to the local economy.SHOOK CONSTRUCTIONBILL WHISTLER, CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD / EXECUTIVE OF THE YEAR FINALISTBill Whistler is well known not only in the area constructionindustry, but as a strong supporter and promoter of the Dayton community.Bill is certainly one of Daytons outstandingcompany executives and a great representative of the Miami Valley construction industry. Page 14CONSTRUCTION JOURNAL'