b'BUSINESS MANAGEMENTBobbi Longshore, pictured in the center of this graduating class came to AIR in 2015. She worked her way through the apprentice program and graduated as a Journeyman.She is a lead-person in sheet metal and roofing.MRCA BUSINESS MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE IS PROUD TO INTRODUCEBEST PRACTICE BULLETIN: USE OF TRAINING AND EDUCATION MILESTONES FOR WORKER RECRUITMENT & RETENTIONBy: Kara Markley, PublicContributor: Fred Horner, Relations ManagerPresident/CEO Advanced Advanced IndustrialIndustrial Roofing, Inc.Roofing, Inc.W elcome to the first in a three-part seriesneeds of your company. to meet diverse exclusively for MR Magazine that willMRCAs Business Management Committee set out highlightmemberbestpracticesinto offer best practice strategies worker recruitment and retention to coincide withmember workforce needs.The result is the Best the release of MRCAs Business ManagementPractice Bulletin that is being released this month Committees latest guidance document.to MRCA Members. The document will be available Workforce development and worker retention arein print and online in the Members Only section of hot topics right now in every industry. The roofingwww.mrca.org. This MR series will highlight some industry knew it was facing an unprecedentedof the best practices that have been in place for workforce shortage prior to the pandemic, andmany years with proven results. The hope is that thatcrisisonlyacceleratedtheproblem.Theby sharing practical ideas that work, you may find roofing industry has responded to this shortagejust the right recipe for success.at all levels: local; state; regional and nationalAdvanced Industrial Roofings Independent with a myriad of tools for training, recruitment andCertified Apprenticeship Program:certification. However it can be difficult to knowA long-term investment yielding long-term how to coordinate all of these tools to meet theemployees6 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'