b'GARYS CORNERINSPECTIONOSHA CITATIONSGary Auman, MRCA Legal CounselA s a member of the MRCAa telephone call from the member AFTER they you have available to youhave signed a settlement agreement with OSHA the opportunity to contactconcerningcitationsreceivedbythemeven MRCAGeneralCounsel,Garythough the company representative advises me Auman for a courtesy consultationthat they were cited unjustly. on matters affecting your businessBefore you even schedule an informal conference for one half hour each month. This call can bewith OSHA to discuss citations received you aboutavarietyofbusiness-relatedmatters.should ALWAYS take the opportunity to speak One area in which you can use this opportunitywith an experienced OSHA defense attorney to is in matters arising out of OSHA inspectionsdiscuss your options. If you feel that your best and citations. Your trade association places aninterests will be served by attending an informal emphasis on employers providing safe worksitesconferencetheattorney,afterreviewingthe fortheiremployees,butthisdoesnotmeancitations and discussing them with you, should that you need to accept the results of an OSHAbe able to provide you with an outline to guide inspection as gospel. you through the informal conference. In addition, Perhaps the worst thing you can do after receivingone piece of advice I frequently give to clients an OSHA citation is to handle it yourself withoutand trade association members is DO NOT SIGN the benefit of experienced legal counsel. ThisANYTHING AT THE TABLE! If you are given matter is brought home to me many times duringthe opportunity to settle, take the opportunity each year. One of the most difficult conversationsto discuss the terms of the agreement with the I may have with a member company is to receiveattorney you have consulted with. Remember the 22 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'