b'WINR hot summer months, which in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Water retention on green roofs also supports the growth of vegetation. This can help to improve air quality by filtering out pollutants and producing oxygen.Despite the benefits of water retention on green roofs, there are also some challenges to consider for roofers or designers.For example, if the growing medium is too shallow or the slope of the roof is too steep, water may by absorbing rainwater and slowing down the rate ofnot be able to be retained effectively. runoff. This not only reduces the risk of flooding but alsoAdditionally, if the vegetation is not helps to improve the quality of water that eventuallyproperly maintained, it may not be able to absorb and makes its way into rivers, lakes and streams. retain water as efficiently.The unObvious- In addition to reducing stormwaterIn conclusion, water retention on green roofs is a runoff, water retention on green roofs can also helpcritical component of their functionality and benefits. to regulate the temperature of buildings. When waterBy reducing stormwater runoff, regulating building is stored on a green roof, it evaporates and coolstemperatures, and supporting vegetation growth, water the surrounding air. This can help to reduce theretention on green roofs offers a wide range of benefits amount of energy needed to cool a building duringfor urban areas. CLASSES FORMING NOW!Register online at mrca.org Youre buying from HERE!MANUFACTURER WHOLESALER DISTRIBUTOR CUSTOMER$ $$ $$$ $$$$Wouldnt you want to order from HERE?We specialize in purchasing safety supplies directly from the manufacturer.Beeline will assist you, the customers, in this NEW ordering process which reducesthe middleman and provides a cost savings.Member Benets No Cost to Join/Participate Cost Savings 15-30% Free One-on-One ConsultationWhich side of the supply chain do you want to buy from?Kevin Holden|Managing Partner|Beeline Purchasing LLC| kevin@beelinepurchasing.com| Cell 513-607-5955www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer 31'