b'ARCHITECTURAL SHEET METALWHY HAVE AN IN-HOUSE ARCHITECTURAL SHEET METAL SHOP?Kevin PetersenDaniel KnickelbeinLarry Marshall III, Vice President ofVice President ofProject Estimator/Carlson RacineLanger Roofing &Manager of L. Roofing & SheetSheet Metal Inc. Marshall Roofing Metal Inc. & Sheet Metal Inc.M any Roofing Companies across the country have an in-house Architectural Sheet Metal Shop, but why should you? Here are just some of the advantages:1.Dealing with Inconsistent Edges As we all know, it is rare that a piece of wood or constant edge is entirely symmetric across a building. This is most often seen on roofs that are being replaced for the second, third, fourth plus time, where there are multiple amounts of old2.Increased Flexibilitymaterial built-up along the perimeters that createWith an in-house shop, the company can more inconsistent edges. Therefore, multiple differenteasily make changes or adjustments to the custom sizes of coping/edging are needed forwork as needed, without having to go through one job.a separate company. They can:28 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'