b'ARCHITECTURAL SHEET METALFigure 1USING METAL ON A LOW SLOPE AD HEREMost people think of metal roofing being installed on steep slopes, over 2/12 pitch where the roof is visible, adding to the curb appeal of the building. This is not the type of roofing we will be talking about here. Instead, we will be reviewing methods to successfully install metal roofing on open-frame structures on slopes as low asper foot where there is no secondary waterproofing.By: Charlie Smith This is where one has to getuse means and methods that provide the best it right the first timeor in thechance of success. That means eliminating as case of replacing or recovering amany places for the roof to leak as possible. The nonperforming roofthis articleperfect building for a low-slope metal roof would will provide methods to get it rightbe rectangular in shape, have exterior drainage the second time around. One thingwith 40-foot panels on a 2 slope, and have zero is for sure: an enormous amount of metal roofingpenetrations. Lets face it, consultants wont get a has been installed on industrial and warehousecall about that roof, they will be getting calls about buildings on pitches as low as 1/4 per foot. Thethe roof in Figure 1.main reason metal is put into these applications isTheroofinFigure1hasitall:openbarjoist that it costs less than other available systems, andinstallation with five 40 long panels that are lapped a properly designed metal roof will outlast thosetogetherend-to-endcoveringa200span,large other options by a factor of two to three. Logicpenetrationsthatwereinstalledwiththeroofon tells us that if metal is to be used on a low slope,theright,newpenetrationsthatwereaddedlater 6 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'