b'Steep SlopeInsurance Restoration Tip #2: Supplement WithResource:TheUltimateGuidetoBuildingand Lots of Photos Growing an Insurance Restoration Roofing BusinessWhen it comes to insurance restoration jobs, a picture isdefinitelyworthathousandwords.Insurance companieswanttogatherasmuchinformation about the damage as possible, and they generally ask for more definitive proof than simply a written report. Photos of the damage are the best way to give insurance companies the verification they needGet a Custom Demo of AccuLynx Roofing Software for your claims. Today!The more photos of the job site you can take, theSince AccuLynx is a cloud-based system, you can 3TIPS FOR DOCUMENTINGbetter. Document the specific damage, the propertyaccess these job files from anywhere, allowing you to as a whole, and any undamaged areas. Providing arespond to requests more quickly. Instead of having to contrast between whats been damaged by a stormsearch through a paper file or collect information from and what was untouched will help make a strongerseveral different apps, you can just open AccuLynx INSURANCE RESTORATIONcase for your assessment of the damage. Take moreand see everything you need to know in one place. photos than you think youll needif the insuranceAccuLynx helps insurance restoration contractors company asks for a specific photo, it will save time ifkeep track of all the information around a job efficiently so they can pass it along to the insurance company you already have it handy and dont have to return to JOBS TO MAXIMIZE CLAIMS the job site to take it. And annotate the photos within a timely manner.key information for maximum clarity.InsuranceRestorationTip#3:AD HEREKeepJob Information OrganizedOne way to avoid delays in the claims process is to keep all the information associated with that claimExperienced Counsel and in a single, easily accessible place. Keeping the job information organized makes it easy to refer to it asDetermined Professionalsneeded and answer questions about the job. If the insurance company requests more documentation, you wont have to scramble to find ityoull be ableAttorneys to send it immediately.Usingaroofingsoftwaresystemsimplifiesand OSHA Defense You Can streamlines organization for insurance restoration Labor & Employment Rely On for contractors. All the information about a job, fromLaw Effective photos and estimates to notes and messages, is Construction Lawstored in a single file so you can find it more easily. Business Law RepresentationAs you add new information, files update in real Litigationtime, so its always accurate. In many cases, adding Workers Comp DefenseStephen A. Watringinformation to a file is as simple as clicking a buttonGary W. Aumanor selecting a tag.William H. Barney, IIIRichard L. Carr, Jr.Improving your documentation will ultimately improveDonald B. Rineeryour efficiency. The more quickly you can come toAmy C. Mitchellan agreement with the insurance company about theDouglas S. Jenksdamage claims, the more quickly work can begin. ByAbigail K. Whitestaying organized, keeping accurate notes, and takingDavid M. Rickertlots of photos, your insurance restoration business937-223-6003 Matthew J. Bakotacan maximize your claims and help the homeowneramfdayton.comget much-needed repairs without extensive delays.www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer 33'