b'MRCA NewsMRCA Launches New Website!M RCAispleased toannouncethe unveilingofour NEWwebsiteatwww.mrca.org.Hereyouwill findthelatestnewsfrom MRCA, upcoming meetings andevents,andmany otherexclusiveresources available to you as an MRCA member. Our membership database is integrated with the website directory, which will allow you to update your Membershipprofileand continue to register for events securely online. difficulties or have suggestions on ways that If you experience difficulty accessing the newwe can improve our web site or service to website, please delete your browsing historymembers, please contact Morgan Arwood at and/or cache.If you are having other technicalmarwood@mrca.org.Industry NewsMetal Deck Distributor Celebrates 50 YearsA .C.T.MetalDeckSupply,Aurora,IL, announces 50 years in the construction industry. Nick A. Polizzi, working out of his basement as a metal deck broker, originally founded Area Construction Trades (A.C.T.) Inc., in 1970. Nick A. is still involved as an advisor for the company.A.C.T. Inc. worked for the next 35 years as a metal deck subcontractorfurnishing and installing metal deck packages, including drawings and all coordination along with 7 field crews. A.C.T.A.C.T. Metal Deck Supply national/international no longer works as a subcontractor, phasing outexposure.the erection services in October 2007. The family-owned and operated company prides A.C.T. Metal Deck Supply began out of a directitself on fulfilling the needs of the metal deck need in the marketplace for a metal deck stockingusers in the building community. dealer.One truckload of B22 Prime PaintedFor more information, visit www.metaldecksupply.Roof Deck was brought into a warehouse incom or 800-894-7741.Schaumburg, IL. Today their network has grown to 15 locations around the country which gives www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer 29'