b'MIDWEST MIDWESTROOFING ROOFINGCONTRACTORS CONTRACTORSASSOCIATION ASSOCIATIONIntroducing.Training Network NOW!LEGAL Midwest Roofing Contractors Association is pleased to announce our new partnership with SERVICES Training Network, an industry leader with over 38 years of experience providing Safety &Health video training content. Our members can requestaccess to Training Network NOW, an online Video-On-Demand platform with a comprehensive library of Safety & Health Training Videos. We are excited to be adding this resource as a benefit to our members, and we believePLANthat Training Network NOW will be a useful tool in driving Safety Awareness and instilling a positive Safety Culture! Key Features & Benefits WHAT IS IT? HOW DO I USE THE PLAN? WHAT IF I NEED The Midwet RoofingAuman, Mahan, and Furry specializes inADDITIONAL HELP?Contractors Associationlabor and employment law, discrimination,Additional legal services Delivers high-quality Safety & HR training content directly to your computer,tablet,has entered into anwage-hour, prevailing wage, workerswill be offered to members or mobile device. agreement with the lawAD HERE at a preferred hourly compensation, unemployment compensation, construction law, construction claims firm of Auman, Mahan, anddisputes, government contract disputes,basis. Court costs, filing 700+ videos, 450+ in Spanish, making TN NOW! one of the largest Video-On- Furry to provide the MRCAoccupational safety and health, pensions,fees, and miscellaneous Demand libraries available. membership with thisfringe benefits, collective bargaining,disbursements would be unique service. litigation, and business law; including taxespaid for by the member, and securities. The firm represents numerous Unlimited, 24/7 access means training content is available whenever & whereverbusiness clients and various associationsand itemized by the firm.you need it! throughout the Midwest, including MRCA.Access to support materials for every video, including downloadable Leaders Guides, Quizzes, Attendance Logs, & Completion Certificates. WHAT DOES IT COVER?Video-on-demand format is perfect for both group/instructor-led training &TheprimarypurposeofthisserviceistoprovideHOW DO I CONTACT Individual Training. MRCAmemberstheopportunitytodiscussandAUMAN, MAHAN, & identifylegalproblems,andtoresolvegeneral For more information on how to access our video-on-demand safety training programs,questions and concerns quickly through convenientFURRY?please visit our website, email us or call 800-497-6722 for additional information. access to specialized and qualified legal counsel.EachMRCAmemberisentitledtoone30minute consultation per month either by telephone, email, or office conference, at no charge. It is understood Midwest Roofing Contractors Association thattheseconsultationsandconferenceswillbe 7250 Poe Avenue, Suite 410 based on existing knowledge of the attorney without further research and analysis. When calling Auman,Gary AumanDayton, Ohio 45414 Mahan, and Furry, please ask for Gary Auman and110 North Main Street Suite 1000 800-497-6722 identify yourself as a MRCA Member calling underDayton, OH 45402-1738info@mrca.org the Legal Services Plan. (937) 223-6003www.mrca.org gwa@amfdayton.comTraining Network+ 800-397-5215 Midwest Roofing Contractors Association 800-497-6722support@trainingnetwork.com 7250 Poe Ave. Ste. 410 937-278-0317Dayton, OH 45414 info@mrca.org www.mrca.org facebook.com/mymrca'