b'Page 6 address in order to submit your 2022 data by March 2, 2023. There is also a new video that explains how to create an account or log in to an existing account using Login.gov.You can find answers to other FAQs as well as detailed instructions for entering injury and illness Collecting data on workplace injuries and illness- information in the ITA. Need more assistance? Use es is an important element of the Occupationalthe help request form at the end of the FAQs. Safety and Health Administrations mission to improve workplace safety and health.To report safety and health violations, file aEstablishments in certain industries are requiredcomplaint, or ask safety and health questions, call to report injuries and illnesses for each calendar800-321-6742 or visit osha.gov/ContactUs. year by March 2 of the following year using Form 300A.Dave Schmidt is an economist in the Occupational Safety and Health Administrations Office of Statistical Analysis If your establishment is required to submit thisat the U.S. Department of Labor. Follow OSHA on data, you must use OSHAs Injury Tracking Twitter at @OSHA_DOL.Application, or ITA, available at osha.gov/InjuryReporting. We recently updated the ITA as part of the De-partment of Labors information technology mod-ernization and security enhancement efforts. Whats different? All current and new account holders must connect your ITA account to a Login.gov account with the same email6'