b'(continued from page 22) (continued from page 2)Do you have a dependent child who is reaching ageneed a refresher on practices around insulation, 26? Are you starting a job, losing your job, lookingsaid TIAC president Joey Fabing in a statement. for a new job, or retiring? Life Changes RequireAs well, our industry in Canada now has access to Health Choices and Work Changes Require Healthcombined expertisethis combined initiative Choices provide information about your healthelevates the North American industry as a whole coverage rights when facing these milestones. Theseand keeps us all up to date on industry standards. publications and more are available in multiple languages. The manual is published as a service to contractors, engineers, designers, owners and anyone involved For more resources about understanding the healthin the mechanical insulation industry. Most of the coverage available to you through your employmentcontent is applicable and relevant to both Canadian and protections under federal law, visitand American markets. www.dol.gov/agencies/ebsa. You can also speak with a Benefits Advisor by calling 1-866-444-3272 orWe are working on developing a cross-reference online at askebsa.dol.gov.document for Canadian users of NACIIS for those instances where practices differ, said Luis Garcia, Lisa M. Gomez is the Assistant Secretary for thechair of TIACs Innovators Group. We will be Employee Benefits Security Administration. reaching out to members of TIAC to rely on their expertise and experience to help the Innovators group to Canadianize the manual.The manual is only available in English but the agreement includes having it translated to French. For more information email info@tiac.ca.Provided By: DCN-JOC News Services September 26, 2022 26'