b'In passing, I\'m very sorry to hear about the death of John Pfister this month. John was MICA President from 1990 to1991 and the owner and president of F&H Insulation Service. The rumor was that F&H stood for Fishing and Hunting. I can\'t remember a MICA meeting that John didn\'t attend, a very strong supporter. John also served our country with the United States Army 81st Airborne, literally jumping out of planes. His true love, other than mechanical insulation, was fishing trips and hunting trips. A true outdoors man. John will be deeply missed by our MICA Group.RIP John and catch that big swordfish that got away!Again, I want to thank every contractor and associ-ate for attending MICA Fall Business Meetings in Omaha. Hopefully, everyone went away with a little PRESIDENTS MESSAGEmore knowledge about our Industry.Hello MICA Members,Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the few days off with your family or close friends. Try not to eat I just finished reading an article in the Insulationtoo much and do not fall asleep on the couch.Outlook October Issue. The article was about how an independent study showed that insulation PS. Get Out And Vote! upgrades are the key to big energy savings and carbon emissions reduction in existing buildings.Cheers! "The study\'s findings underscore the insulation\'s enormous potential to help all parts of the country meet building performance standards and carbonDoug Barton reduction goals " The study by ICF, an internationalMICA President firm that specializes in the energy and energyefficiency sectors, pointed towards two key factors: 1.Making pipe and mechanical insulation improve-ments in eight industrial sectors: Food, Chemical, Paper, Petroleum/Coal Products, Transportation Equipment, Plastic & Rubber and Nonmetallic Mineral products. A $126 billion in energy savings on $ 3.77 billion cost!2. Savings on natural gas by insulation upgrades can reduce gas usage by 118 billion therms across the U.S industrial sector.It seems like, for the past 40 years our industry has been saving the world\'s energy and receiving very little praise or media attention for it. The mechanical insulation industry has been the unspoken hero in the World of Energy Savings. It feels like we are recognized as a third string professional quarter-back. 3'