b'Start Saving for Retirement Now!Here are some tips and resources that everyone can use to achieve a financially secure future: No matter where you are in your career, a secure retirement should be one of the financial goalsDont delay, start now. There is no such thing you are working toward. And since its Nationalas starting to save too early or too late, only not start-Retirement Security Week (October 16-23), now is aing at all! Get time on your sidethe sooner you great time to review your plan to save for retirementstart, the more you can save, and the more time you and maximize your savings in your employer- have for your savings to grow.sponsored or individual retirement plan, or otherretirement plans available to you through your Figure how much you can savewith financial employment.planning tools and resources. Setting up abudgetcan help yousee what money you have Unfortunately, many people face barriers when itcoming in,and where it is going.OurSavings Fit-comes to retirement planning, and manydont havenessguide alsooffers helpful tips for setting up a access toor participate inemployer-sponsored retire- budget,managing debt,determining a saving rate for mentplansand these barriers are more significantretirement, and more.Its also availablein Spanish.for minority groups and women. One recent studyshowed that for those who have access to Take advantage of retirement plan(s)retirement plans at work, Hispanicand Black Ameri- available to you through your employment. cansareless likely to participate. And only about47% of working womenparticipate in a retire- 401(k) plans and other employer-based plans are the ment plan. easiest way to save for retirement. If your employer offers a plan (or you are eligible to participate in a So, this weekand every weekthe Department ofmultiemployer plan under a collective bargaining Labor wants to help workers save for retirement and improve their financial planning efforts.(continued to page 19)15'