b'messenger MIDWEST INSULATION CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION7250 POE AVE., SUITE 410 - DAYTON, OH 45414 - micainsultion.org VOLUME 56NO. 10 OCTOBER 2022WHATS INSIDE THIS MONTH:Who should get a flu vaccine this season?5 Tips for Making Your Health Benefits Everyone 6 months and older should get a flu vaccine every season with rare exceptions. Vaccination isWork for Youparticularly important for people who are at higher risk of Who should get a flu vaccine this season?serious complications from influenza. A full listing Commercial and industrial insulationof people at Higher Risk of Developing Flu-Related standards manual now available inComplications is available.CanadaFlu vaccination has important benefits. It can reduce flu Presidents Messageillnesses, visits to doctors offices, and missed work and Injury Tracking Applicationschool due to flu, as well as make symptoms less severe MICA Leadership/Board of Directorsand reduce flu-related hospitalizations and deaths. Start Saving for Retirement Now! Different flu vaccines are approved for use in different age groups.5 Tips for Making Your Health BenefitsThere are several flu shots approved for use in people as Work for Youyoung as 6 months old and older, and two are approved only for adults 65 years and older. Helping workers and their families navigate the health care system is essential. October is Health LiteracyFlu shots also are recommended for pregnant people and Month, which is an ideal time to recognize the importancepeople with certain chronic health conditions. of making health information easy to understand so that you can better navigate your health coverage. If workersThe nasal spray flu vaccine is approved for use in people and their families understand their protections under the2 years through 49 years of age. People who are pregnant law and the plan they have through their employment,and people with certain medical conditions should not they will be prepared to make informed decisions aboutreceive the nasal spray flu vaccine. theircoverage. There are many vaccine options to choose from. The Department of LaborsEmployee Benefits Security Administration administers several important healthFor people younger than 65 years, CDC does not benefit laws covering employment-based healthrecommend any one flu vaccine over another. plans.These laws include your basic rights to infor-mation about how your health plan (continued to page 22) (continued to page 9)1'