b'THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINENFBA TECHNICAL & RESEARCH COMMITTEE UPDATE Tim Royer, P.E. ChairmanTECHNOLOGY & RESEARCHTIMBER TECH ENGINEERING, INC.D uring the NFBA Conference and ExpoThe second service provided by in Louisville, KY, the NFBA Technical &NFBA is access to a technical consultant Research Committee (T&R) met for ourwho is available to answer questions first of three scheduled meetings for 2023. Theregarding post-frame building design T&R committee is made up of engineers, postprocedures.Andy Williams, P.E is the staff technical frame builders, material suppliers, and academiaconsultant who is available to provide direction who are involved in the design of post-frameand answer design related questions for NFBA buildings or involved in research and educationmembers. The T&R committee provides support supporting the post-frame building industry.Thefor Andy by fielding questions that are more site Committee serves as an advisory committee to thespecific or unique in nature. Some of these specific NFBA Board of Directors relative to technical issuesunique design challenges can turn into research facing the Association and Post-Frame Industry.projects for the T&R committee to tackle.You can The committee is charged with overseeing andsubmit a question to Andy at technical@nfba.org.conducting a broad range of technical and research One of the active projects that the committee is activities for the benefit of the post-frame industrycurrently working on is a post-frame terminology and members of NFBA. During each meeting,standard that will include new post-frame terms the T&R committee reviews active projects andalong with architectural terms that are used in provides oversight of two important services thatpost-frameconstruction.Acurrentstandard, NFBA offers to those in the post-frame industry.ASABE/NFBAS618Post-FrameBuilding SystemNomenclatureincludesmanyofthe common terms used in post-frame design and construction.However, this new document will provideupdatedterminologyanddefinitionsThe first service that NFBA provides are a seriestoalignwithcurrentconstructionpractices.of webinars that provide information regarding theAnotherdocumentthatthecommitteeis design of post-frame buildings. Dr. Dan Hindman andresponsible for maintaining is the NFBA - Post-Dr. Joe Zulovich provide leadership for the webinarFrame Building Design Manual. The current version series and present the webinars on the second andof the manual was printed in 2015 and a new updated fourth Tuesday of each month.There are 11 differentmanual is in the works. These updates will include seminars that make up the entire series and eachthe recent changes in building code requirements, seminar is provided twice per year.You can followstructural loading changes, and may include several this link to get more information about the seminars.new chapters.While this update may be several https://www.nfba.org/aws/NFBA/pt/sp/educationyears away, the committee is beginning efforts to 8 / FRAME BUILDER - MAR2023'