b'YOUR TOOLKIT FOR BUILDING EXCELLENCEdiaphragm action.After going to Virginia Tech, research on the effect of knee braces and simple design methods for Frank and Joan post frame building was pursued. The American Society ofat Barter Theatre, Agricultural Engineers (ASAE) was the natural group to join,Abingdon, VApresent papers, publish, and interact with others who had an interest in wood structures.Joining the ASAE Structures Group opened the door for pursuing research work with ASAE and NFBA Members on the structural design of post-frame buildings for decades.University and NFBA Researchers - a Model Team For the next two decades, the Structures Group had technical sessions on post-frame design at both the Annual and Summer ASAE Meetings. For the most part, the main topics for research were diaphragm, foundation, and nail-laminated column design. Returning to Dr. Walker, who served as President of ASAE in the 80s, he suggested the group prepare a monograph or detailed written study of our combined research work on post-frame building design. Our group embraced the idea with enthusiasm, says Woeste. Joan and Grandsons at College of ASAE Monograph No. 11, Post-Frame Building Design, wasEngineering Buildingpublished in 1992 and was accomplished in less than a year due to outstanding cooperation by all members of the ASAE structures group. While not officially named the leader of the group, I feel Dr. Harvey Manbeck was the de facto leader that fostered a spirit of respect and working together. The monograph authors and coauthors follow and points to the value of fostering a cooperative relationship between university researchers, industry engineers, builders, and trade associations such as NFBA, says Woeste.Contributors to ASAE Monograph No. 11 Post-Frame Building Design (1992)Pederson, J. H., Iowa State University, Ames, IAAnderson, G. A., South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD Riskowski, G. L., P.E., University of Illinois, Urbana, ILBahler, E. L., FBI-Buildings, Inc., Remington, IN Siegel, C. E., P.E., Modem Pole Buildings, Ripon, WIBartsch, J. A., P.E., Cornell University, Ithaca, NY Sutton, R. L., P.E., Morton Buildings, Inc., Morton, ILBender, D. A., P.E., Texas A&M University, College Station, TX Walker, J. N., P.E., University of Kentucky, Lexington. KYBohnhoff, D. R., P.E, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Madison, Wl Woeste, F. E, P.E., Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VABundy, D. S., P.E., Iowa State University, Ames, IA Wright, B. W., P.E., Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PAFriday, W. H., Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN Many of the authors and coauthors of the ASAE Monograph Frame, J. R., National Frame Builders. Association, Lawrence, KS were involved in writing the first NFBA Post-Frame Building Gebremedhin, K. G., Cornell University, Ithaca, NY Design Manual,105 pages, published in 1999. The manual Jorgensen, M. C., Cornell University, Ithaca, NY relied heavily on design technology documented in the 1992 monograph and naturally utilized the advances in design up Kammel,D W., Agricultural Engineering Dept., Madison, WI to the preparation of the 1999 Manual. The development, Keefe, D. E., AWPB. Stone Mountain, GA maintenance, and credibility of an industry design manual Knight, J. T., Frame Building News, Inc., Lawrence, KS requires an on-going cooperative effort and leadership of a trade associations such as NFBA. Trade associations are ideally Manbeck, H. B., P.E., Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA suited to address new problem areas and opportunities for Meador, N. F., P.E., University of Missouri, Columbia, MO industry members, says Woeste. The association introduced Moody, R.C., P.E., Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, WI the second edition of its Post-Frame Building Design Manual continued on page: 38 FRAME BUILDER - MAR2023 / 37'