b'PRESORT STDUS POSTAGEPAIDPERMIT NO. 966DAYTON, OHNATIONAL FRAME BUILDING ASSOCIATION7250 Poe Ave. Ste 410Dayton, Ohio 45414800.557.6957info@nfba.orgwww.nfba.orgTHE PERFECT FITROOF: EVERLAST II - Ocean Blue / FASTENER: The Answer RDP - Ocean BlueTHE ANSWERShopping around for quality products shouldnt be difficult. Everlast Roofing is taking that puzzle piece away by manufacturing the best quality, starting with our fasteners. The Answer screw is a long-life reduced drill point fastener with cross alloy mechanical plating and a 1/2 stainless steel washer. Offering a 40-year warranty, Everlast manufactures the highest quality on the market. So when piecing together your next building, look no further than The Answer - Durable, Reliable, and Affordable.E V E R L A S T R O O F I N G . C O M | 8 8 8 . 3 3 9 . 0 0 5 9'