b'THE OFFICIAL NFBA MAGAZINEcourse was about 30 and included NFBA contractors, design engineers, and post-frame construction Joan and Frank Family suppliers. What I best remember about the courses is what I learned, and in retrospect, may have learned as much or more as the participants learned, says Woeste.As a result of the interaction with the course participants in the 90s, it was natural to develop professional and lasting relationships with post-frame builders, designers, and suppliers. INSIDE THE FRAMEThroughout my career, Ive had questions about many post-frame and wood construction subjects in general. The beauty and benefit of having professional friends that you can call when you need help is priceless. For decades, Ive interacted with NFBA Members that I met by calling them for information beyond my expertise and they have called me with a question or concern. By knowing the best of the best in the industry, Ive been able to recommend individuals to serve as a consultant or expert and Joan and Grandaughter have been able to assist builders when they needed help with a subject or issue. In a nutshell, based on my own experience in wood construction and engineering, I cant imagine a career or owning a business without a stable full of professional friends. Participation in related trade associations such as NFBA can pay great dividends for decades as it is likely numerous practical and technical issues will come up and go beyond your own expertise and knowledge base. Having input on a business or technical issue from a couple professional friends can certainly lead to better decisions, says Woeste.Frank now works on a volunteer basis consulting with the public, design professionals, contractors, and building code officials on various aspects of engineered wood construction and residential construction, including decks and balconies. Over the past 35 years, he has provided expert services on a wide range of subjects that involved wood, wood decay, wood products, roof and floor trusses, light-frame construction, post-frame building design, truss bracing, and the performance of structural components and structures in-service.in 2015. Details of the manual and how to obtain a copy can be found at www.nfba.org.Why its Important to Participate in NFBAIn the 90s, Dr. Don Bender, P. E. (Washington State University) and I taught a two-day short on Design of Commercial Post-Frame Buildings in conjunction with the NFBA Conference & Expo. The typical enrollment for the 38 / FRAME BUILDER - MAR2023'