b'2 0 0 1THE LIVING HISTORY OF MRCA1 MRCA PRESIDENTEXECUTIVE SECRETARY MRCA LEADERSHIPJOHN STEPHENSON BOB SWANDABOARD OF DIRECTORSSTEVE DOUGLASS FRED C. NAUCKEJAY REFIEUNA NICK BECHTELJIM GENTRY ROD PETRICKSCOTT POYNER RUSSELL LOVE, SR.GREG PETERSEN RICK GWALTNEYJOHN MCDOWALL GEORGE COVINGTON, JR.JAY HARRINGTON TERRY WHITLOCKJAY CRISP KIMSCHWICKERTDOUG JONES JOHN DALYTOBY BEGEMAN L.B. MORRISMIKE MALICOTE DENNIS RUNYANMELVIN THOMPSON JIM KARCZEWSKICO-CHAIRMAN OF THE CONVENTION COMMITTEEROD PETRICK, JAY REFIEUNA AND JIM RAMSER HISTORIC FACTS- World Changing Event: 9/ 11 terrorist attack in New York City. - Phoenix is the only city to ever have a complete "sports equinox", when all four major sports teams from a city play on the same day. On November 4th, 2001 the Cardinals (NFL), the Coyotes (NHL), and the Suns (NBA) all lost, while the Diamondbacks (MLB) won game 7 of the World Series.- Ben Sliney, the man who ordered the grounding of all aircraft in the US Sept 11 2001 was on his first day of the job. - Nascar Driver Death: Dale Earnhart - The X-Box came out in November, 2001.COSTOF L I V I N GMILK GAL. $2.89 BACON $3.22 LB.GAS $1.46EGGS $0.90, DZ.BREAD $1.82 IPOD $399.00AVG INCOME $42,228 GROUND COFFEE $3.06 LB.HOUSE $136,150 HONDA$1,749.00SNOWBLOWER'