b'THE PLAN ROOM POST From Plan Room Manager, John Grandetti Teambuilding Night: Mark Your Calendars! On Thursday, May 6th, 2021 the BuildersExchange will host its 17th annual Teambuilding Night at Sinclair. Teambuilding Night is a celebration of the Dayton construction industry, highlighting achievement in all trades and disciplines. It also serves as our largest networking event of the year with well over 200 attendees annually.During the event, there is a two hour meet and greet which includes tabletops with our vendors. This gives you the opportunity to meet not only administrators of our programs but also prominent contacts and member companies.Following the meet and greet, the awards dinner will highlight excellence in the industry. Learn about some of the most impressive projects in the Miami Valley and those that brought them from design to reality.We hope to see all of you on May 6th to celebrate the construction industry in Dayton!New Offices: It has now been one full year since we moved to our new location on Poe Ave. John Grandetti, If you have not had a chance to come down and check us out, please stop by. Just sign-in atPlan Room Managerthe reception desk located on the first floor and we are located on the 4th floor immediately to the right of the elevators. Webinars: Do you need a refresher on your plan room account? Want to learn more about getting leads and projectdocuments from our website? Please attend a Thursday webinar to learn more about our website and how it can help your business. Toolbox Viewer: Our members have long used the Pro Viewer to do basic take offs and estimates for jobs on the site. Last year we introduced the Toolbox Viewer. It has comparable features to IPIN Pro but eliminates the need to download software and removes a lot of the technical updates we had to make in order to get he viewer to workAll of the tools are still present for the most part, and some got a nice update. We would encourage you to begin exploring this new viewer and check out the member help section to get a tutorial on the viewer. In the near future, the Pro Viewer will no longer be supported. It is recommended that you begin to switch over to using the Toolbox Viewer. And if you didnt know you could do online take offs with your BX membership, give me a call and Id be more than happy to show you how to do it! SOUTHWEST COUNTIES LIENS AND JUDGEMENTS REPORTS As Recorded by National Association of Credit Management (NACM)The Public Records Bulletin offers a synopsis of all commercial suits, liens, National bankruptcies and judgments filed in various counties throughout Southwest Ohio. SUITSsignaling possible financial difficulties LIENSalerting you that further investigation is needed JUDGEMENTSagainst your customers warning you to monitor the account closely. NATIONAL BANKRUPTCY FILINGShelping you avoid costly credit extensions.This service is a benefit of being a BX Dayton Member. To find current reports, go to the Member Services tab at www.bxdayton.com and click on Public Records Bulletin.*The accuracy of the reports is not guaranteed. The contents are gathered in good faith and sent to you by NACM Connect without liability for negligence in procuring, collecting, communicating, or failing to communicate the information so gathered. Page 4CONSTRUCTION JOURNAL'