b'Business ManagementContinued From Page 12Employ the Platinum Rule The key to resolving customer issues is the Platinum Rule: Treat your customers the way they would like to be treated, not necessarily the way that you would like to be treated. The faster and better you are able to employ the Platinum Rule, the more issues you will be able to resolve and the more customers you will be able to retain.A Quick Case Study On a recent sales call, I encountered an Administrator, who was yelling objections at me even before he entered the room.I am an Analytical-Amiable, so my natural reaction would be to reply, Oh, Im sorry. Ill just escape outside a side door here. You have a good life, okay?But something came over to me. Instead, I went over to the Administrators desk, picked up a book, slammed it down and commanded, Let me tell you something!I saw the Administrator straighten right up and puff out his chest. I could almost hear him thinking, Alright, an Administratorjust like me! Lets go at it! And I was thinking, This process really works! Seek First to Understand Do you see yourself or your employees in one (or more) of these four personality styles? Why wait until you have conflicts in the office to employ a personality-based process to more effectively deal with others? Be proactive! You and your employees can take a free personality-based assessment at www.personalityperfect.com. Once you get the results, discuss how you can improve interactions both within the office and with your customers.As members begin to leave their homes and again attend conferences, they are eager to interact with their fellowmembers. Ted Janusz facilitates a different kind of opening session, Creating Strategic Relationships: Here and Now. Rather than just sit and listen to a speech by a speaker, participants begin the networking they can continue through the rest of the conference. ted@januspresentations.com CERTIFIED ROOFING TORCHAPPLICATOR PROGRAM YOUR SOURCE FOR TORCH DOWN ROOF SYSTEM SAFETY TRAININGFOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: BOB POPE AT 800-497-6722 or BPOPE@MRCA.ORG Page 13CONSTRUCTION JOURNAL'