b'Business ManagementContinued From Page 10How to Handle Each of the Four Personalities: The Analytical is process-oriented. Their mantra is, the authors state: Take the time to fully explain the resolution steps and allow me to talk.Remember: Do not interrupt Explain the process to resolve the issue Slow down the pace of the conversationBe sure to demonstrate Good listening skills Thoroughness ClarityThe Amiable is empathy-oriented. They request that you, Understand how I feel and take a sympathetic approach toresolve it.Remember: Call me by my name Assure me that my issue will be resolved Show how you are personally involvedBe sure to demonstrate: Empathy Patience Understanding SincerityThe Administrator is results-oriented. They demand, Dont spend time on unnecessary details, just resolve my issue! Or as my father-in-law, Mr. Administrator Extraordinaire, asserts, Answer the question asked!Remember: Directly address my issue Speed up the pace of the conversation Provide a clear timetable for resultsBe sure to demonstrate: Confidence Your ownership of the issue A can do attitudeThe Associator is social-oriented. They will eventually get around to telling you, Treat me like a person; dont provide me with generic answers.Remember: Maintain an informal tone Do not provide scripted answers Mention personal information, if appropriateBe sure to demonstrate: A sense of humor Creativity in your resolutionContinued on Page 13 Friendliness Page 12CONSTRUCTION JOURNAL'