b'Presidents MessageWe Need Roofers Immediately! AS WE GO THROUGH ALL THESE CHALLENGESForemen/JourneymenKelly Lea, MRCA Presidentand Apprentices . . . A s we head into the middle of 2022, many of the same global supply issues still exist. Instead, I would like to concentrate on what great benefits MRCA can offer to our contractor members. There are multiple MRCA Awards that you can submit nominations for. These submissions can benefit not only your company, but can also improve the perception of the entire roofing industry.See the award categories listed below. Please review and apply to show pride in your people and your business.MRCA provides members an opportunity to nominate colleagues for their excellence in the roofing industry. These prestigious awards are presented at the Membership Meeting each year at the Annual Conference. Whether it is contributions to the industry, innovative products, compliant safety programs, or giving back to the community; companies and individuals deserve to be recognized for a job well done. These nominations can be made for any deserving member of the roofing industry.Community Impact Award - The MRCA Community Impact Award recognizes a MRCA member company that has demonstrated a commitment to improving the well-being of communities or individuals through philanthropy or community service demonstrated at a local or national level.Industry Innovation Award -The MRCA Industry Innovation Award recognizes suppliers and manufacturers who have contributed to the advancement of the roofing industry through innovations or product development related to safety, technology, efficiency, or environment, and significantly improved the well-being of the roofing Come join the Delta Innovativecontractor.Elite Safety Program Awards -The MRCA Safety Program Award recognizes MRCA member companies that Services Team! have demonstrated a commitment to improving jobsite safety through development, implementation, and enforcement of a safety and risk management program. Members who apply for this Award submit answers to a series of questions regarding their current program. We currently have steady workTheir safety plans are reviewed and scored by MRCA Legal Counsel, Gary Auman. All member companies that submit applications will receive a detailed written critique of their safety program from Auman, Mahan & Furry, scheduled thru next Spring andand a possible Safety Award. This review process has definitely strengthened our companys safety plan. From this Opportunity will be Lifethis expert report, we have been able to update our own safety plan each year.Changing for the right foreman! The application for the Safety Awards Program and the ELITE Contractor program has been combined. To become an ELITE Safety Award winner, a firm must earn a Bronze level or higher award on their safety program review and meet additional criteria, such as being registered or licensed in the jurisdictions in which they perform work. They must also be OSHA Compliant, meet state insurance, bonding, and Workers Compensation requirements, and must complete eight hours of industry-related continuing education.All of the MRCA award descriptions, and related applications, are on our MRCA.org web site. Please review We offer great pay and benefits,them to determine how your company can benefit by applying before the application deadline.but please DONT apply if youAs a reminder, the 72nd Annual Conference and Expo will be September 27th thru 29th in Fort Worth, TX. I cannot work 40+ hrs a week.am excited to have Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT) partner with us as we conduct this joint (all inquiries will be 100% confidential) conference. We expect this partnership will be a great success!Stop by or email: danny@deltaservices.com Kelly LeaMRCA President4141 Fairbanks Ave, Kansas City KS 66106 Texas Roof Management Inc.913.371-7100 deltaservices.com kellylea@texasroof.com www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer 3'