b'Garys CornerContinued from page 25I obtained in my case may no longer be possible.that there will be no citations issued, and particularly, The lesson to be learned here is to be sure toif you think you might be receiving a citation! Your treat ALL certified mail as very important!Also makecompany must ensure that the personnel who open sure that you have a trained person at your companyyour mail, or sign for any mail, have specific written designated to sign for certified mail and have a setprocedures; and that they are trained how to manage procedure to manage such mail. You definitely needyour office mail, whether it is certified, or not. to be on your guard for any certified mail for a full six months after any OSHA inspection. You need to be especially aware of any incoming OSHA-related mail; even if the compliance officer led you to believe by 26 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'