b'2 0 1 0THE LIVING HISTORY OF MRCA1 MRCA PRESIDENTEXECUTIVE SECRETARY MRCA LEADERSHIPRONNIE MCGLOTHLIN MIKE MILLERBOARD OF DIRECTORSDAVID MCKINNIS TOM MILLERALEX HERNANDEZ BOB SCHENKELROD SPARKS DOUG FRYLAWRENCE MARSHALL BRUCE DIEDERICHLES JONES BILL SELBERTTERRY BUSS JIM BARRSTEVE LITTLE ROBERT THERRIENRON BOONE JAY CRISPGREGORY M. SPRAGUE KEVIN GWALTNEYJAMES R. HUNTINGTON RICK BIRKMANLARRY STOCK DENNIS RUNYANJOE HALL JAMES L. RAMSERHISTORIC FACTS- During the year 2010, Starbucks and McDonald?s both began to offer free Wi-Fi to their customers.- Apple released the first iPad.- Two hundred six million gallons of crude oil poured into the Gulf of Mexico. History.com tells us that an explosion and fire aboard the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico killed 11 people and triggered the largest offshore oil spill in American history. - President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law. - The New Orleans Saints were the Super Bowl champs, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series, and the Chicago Blackhawks clinched the Stanley Cup.COSTOF L I V I N GMILK GAL. $3.32 BACON $4.21 LB.GAS $2.79EGGS $2.29BREAD $2.49 TARGET FLOOR LAMP$30.00AVG INCOME $49,445 SPEEDSTICK DEODORANT $3.19HOUSE $183,421 TOYS-R-US$13.99HALLOWEEN COSTUMES'