b'- - -IMRCA Negative PressureI Uplift Dome Information IThe Dome is the only one of itsI kind, and measures theresistIanceofamembranetowindI Iuplift pressuresMRCAMembershipI IAnd more .I IAValue for Roofing ContractorsI IGreat I IMRCAtechnical and legalto improve your bottom line, including .con-offers contractors resources Only" Toll-FreeAn MRCA "MembersAn outstanding annual Iadviceweb sitevention and trade showI eve referralsandwebdirect marketing newslet- interests InternetAAdvocacy for your Isite d lopment assistanceter - personalized from youin the industryI ewsletteralertsandto your customersifythepublicationsand E-N Technical Iother internet communica- Researchtover more!I lions to membersintegrityofproductsyou IapplyI II II II IVisit wwwmrca. or call 800/- to join or for more detailed information!I . org497 6722 IM Fo dwest Roofing Contractors Association (MRCA) is a modest investment that yieldsI embership in the MiIgreat returns.llowing are just a few of the benefits and services made available to MRCA members:I IInteractive and Customizable Business Management FormsI Warranty forms, proposal forms, repair agreements, inspection forms, job descriptions and more - all preIpared for residential and commercial roofing contractors by legal counsel to protect your interests andI assets IMRCA Applicator Agreement Information SheetsI Prepared by legalcounsel advising you if the wording in a manufacturer\'s agreement threatens your IinterestsI IMRCA Membership DirectoryI IA searchable, color reference to association resources and membersI "User\'s Guide to Provisions Governing Roof Assemblies and Coverings" IA complete guide to model building codes and bodies such as ASTM, FM, UL, BOCA, CABO, ICC andI ImoreI MRCA Logos for Member Use IPrint and Internet quality logos that members use to distinguish their companies from the competitionI IMidwest Roofer ArchiveI Complete electronic versions of this MRCA periodical, which covers controversial topics no other indusItry publication will touchI IS/1,iRPProgram Sample MaterialsI The MRCA\'s Safety and Health Agenda for Roofing Professionals (SHARP TM) Program provides monthIly and weekly training materials, OSHA consultation, specific training programs and moreI INew Employee Orientation VideoI This safety orientation video with quiz - one of many produced by MRCA - documents that you safety-Itrained each new employeeI '