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Committee.sessed by both the local union andOct. 14 - 15MRCA's 55th Annual Convention &Show, Trade TheUCRC was createdtopro itsrepresentativesand theareaKansas City,800/497-6722 Missouri. mote and encourage open and ami contr association and its repactor cablelogue between L andresentatives.Finally,andmdia aborost Management,facilitate meetingsimportantly, this committee is not areestablish thetrust, credi Un UnionofRoofer Watertomutualiteds, uested,il andnecessary of the two sides when req tonegotiatingcommittee. It will notb ity,respect that isproofers and Allied Workers offer advice when solicited, and toparticipateinanynegotiations,for the maintenance of good Labor 1660 Lreet, N.W., Suite 800 Stassist the Labor and the Manage meetings, or discussionsrelatingManagement relations.Washington, DC 20036-5646 mentrepresentativesincreatingtocollectivebargainingagree TheU leadershiprecog P 202/63-7663 nionhone: Labor-Management Committees inments.nizes that the maintenance of g dF 202/463-6906~ oo ax: thelocalareasthroughouttheTheUCRCwill not attempttoL anagement relations char E-mail:roofer rabor-M s@unionroofe s.com countrybecome involved in any area whereacterizedthe mu respect ofWebsite: www.unionroofers.com bytual TheUCRCis intendedtobeaneither side desires its assistance.one side forother w l accomtheilresource that either side could callHowever, ifside, whether it isplish more at the bargaining table either uponforadviceandassistancealor ator group,than was accomplished wh bothRCl\\'IA Announces New loca unioncontrac en when the dialogue andrelationshas aproblem, that unionsides took an adversarialposition2004 Leadership Team thespecific between L and Management inor contractors group would be abletowards each other.Ripps E cted R President aborle CMA an area are deteriorating. I role istorequesttheassistan oftheIn its brief existence, the UCRCT Roof Coatings Manufacturers tscehe facilitatoras that of ato help the localUCRC to help resolve the problem.h beeninstrumentalinthefor Association[RCMA]electedand unionandtheareacontractorsIf only one sideh to utilize themationofLabor-Managementinstalledtheir 2004 Officers, mwis esemdevelop,promot andmaintainaservicesof theUCRC,the UCRCCommittees inand Seattle.bersof the Board ofDirec and e,Detroittors dialoguewhereneithertheunionrepresentativescannotforcetheMembers of theUCRChave alsoCommittee chairs at the RCMA 2004 nor the contractors trust, communi other side to do Ithey canassistedtheLabor-ManagementAnnual M iping, held in ikewise;embersh Meetcate with, or respect the otheronly communicate tosideCommitteesinHammon ,co tion with their 2004 Annuside.the otherd-Gary njunc al It does thisby getting both sidesof the concerns of the first side andIndiana and Chicago, Illinois.Conference &, J uary 1EXPO an 7-20, together to discuss issues th are,leave it tolatter to act upon it.T UCRC is composed of thr 2004, at Rancho Bernardo Inn, San attheheee or may become, contentious.The secondary goal of the UCRCIn ionalofficersandthreeDiego, CA. ternatAt thesemeetings,the UCRCiscreation of local Labor-Man u contractorsandisco VanRipps,President, P r thenionalmerepresentativeswilllistenimpar agementCommittees,whosechai edby International PresidentAsphaltCo Bayonne, New r mpany, tially to the positions of both sidesmem will be local union offi JohnMartiniandbyDouglasJersey, was elected president. Ripps bers ontheissues,seek todefinethecials andarea contractors. T seJones of Southeing Co.,ascendstotheAssociation's top he Sid Roofissues, attemptexplain the basislocal Labor-Management Commit Inc. of S .positionofficeas RCMA Vice tot. Louis from for the position of one side to thetees wouldofAny local union and/or contrac President [LongPlanning]. address the concernsRangeHe other side, list the various optionsthe two sides, correct any misun torrequesting the assistan also willntinue to s ea groupceco erv asmemavailable to both sides, and objec derstandings that either side mayof the UCRC shouldIn r ber of the RCMA Board of Directors. contacttetively advise the two sides relativehave with respect to anissue, andnational President JohnMartini C. at:Continued on page 15 12ijl"