b"1 9 9 5THE LIVING HISTORY OF MRCA1 MRCA PRESIDENTEXECUTIVE SECRETARY MRCA LEADERSHIPRAY HOSELTON JOHN DREWBOARD OF DIRECTORSKURT BAUMGARTNER DAVID KNUTSONBOB FREDERIC DENNIS RUNYANTODD GRAHAM LARRY SCROGGINSJIM ECKSTEIN, JR. ROBERT HAUSMANJAMES MANSFIELD DANIEL J. DALSINJIM BARR THOMAS BORITZKEDAVID TILSEN ED WILLIAMSCRAIG THOMPSONCO-CHAIRMAN OF THE CONVENTION COMMITTEEBOB FREDERICHISTORIC FACTS- The Rock and Roll Hall of fame opened in Cleveland, Ohio.- Oklahoma City Bombing: a truck bomb at Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building killed 168 people and injured nearly 700 people.- The first professional sports game streamed online was the Mariners vs the Yankees in September 1995. The Seattle Mariners beat the New York Yankees 6-5.- The Macarena is a Spanish dance song by Los del Ro that was a genuine hit through 1997.- Space Shuttle program: STS-71 Mission ('Space Shuttle Atlantis known as Atlantis') docks with the Mir or Russian space station 'Mir' for the first time. COSTOF L I V I N GMILK GAL. $2.52 GROUND BEEF $1.49 LB.GAS $1.67EGGS $0.92 DZ.BREAD $0.89 GOLD VALUE $387.00 OZ.AVG INCOME $35,766 TOBOGGANS $169.00-$139.00HOUSE $113,150 IBM COMPUTER$1,799.00WITH MONITOR"