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Finding work, gettingElects Officers and Directors canthem outthe truckNewpaid, and staying out of court still are. putofin aThe Iowa RoofingContractors AsYork second, severely injuring them.The newest piece of equipment onsociation held its annual Spring Meeting \'-\'Also take time tothe roofsite is a computerized flashing remind your driversand elected the following Officers and andin theof theattacher,calledFLASH-ATTACK. passengerscabvehiclesDirectors for 1986: to WEAR their seat belts. Seat beltsThis reducesnumber ofneeded themen should be installed in ALL your vehicles,onjobsitetwo-an electricianPresident: Gerry Handy, H.S. Roofing thetoand and their usestressed by top man a programmer.Co., Spencer, Iowa agement of your company. And, as aThe last natural material used for1stPresident: Jay Crisp, Service Vice leader, you should set the example.roofing, river-washed gravel, iselimi Roofing Co., Waterloo, Iowa. Statistics show that people who arenatedfromthemarketplacebythe2ndPresident: Jerry ViceGaudineer, involved in vehicular accidents sufferU.S. Surgeon General\'s report that itBarrick Roofers, Inc.,Moines, Iowa. Des far less severe injuriesthey\'re wearingmay cause cancer in laboratory rats.Secretary:JohnDrew,Mid-West if seat belts than those who choose toThe Surgeon General\'sis basedRoofing Company, Mason City, Iowa. report bounce aboutinside ofvehicle.on a study wherein rats were fed theTreasurer: Steve Kehoe,City thetheWebster \'"WI11e thatft"" eftefto equivalentof1000- pounsof gravel-Roofing-eo , - \'ffity;-Iow Someargu s b get:Welrsterw.thrown from a vehicle thanbeper 100square feet,each day for 2 possiblyThe Association\'s day long program trapped inside a burning one. There isweeks. Although most ofrats died thefeatured McNe ill Stokes who really little basis for this sincefewerduring thenotaddressed first feeding, cancer wasthe meeting on "Construction Specithan four in 100,000 post crash firesdiscovered untileleventh daythe theoffications Friend orRichard occur.Universityof NorthCarolinaexperiment.Foe" andJ. Davis oftoryResearch researchers studied 3.5 million vehiclesAll 86 states have strict contractorFac Mutualwho that crashed between 1971-82, and intesting and licensing laws.After ob gaveanupdateonFactoryMutual none ofaccidents did a driver whotaining his license in the State ofSpecificiations. theNewHosts Summer Meeting wore a seat belt die.Confusion (formerly South Florida) one They also discovered that 56 beltedcontractorsaid,"It\'sthehardest5The Iowa Association will hold its drivers survived postcrash fires,andminutes and $50.00 I\'ve ever spent."AnnualSummer Meeting at the Ad37 of them had no injuries. They alsoThefirstlawsuitinvolvingaroofventureland Inn, Deson Moines, Iowa, learned that 72drivers whodid notfailure onmoon was filed inFriday and Saturday, June 6and 7, theDistrict wear their belts died in fiery crashes,Court. The suit claims that the roof,1986. Festivities for the family oriented while no belted front seat passengersinstalled in 2008, "leaks like a sieve."outing include the 13thBeaver Annual diedinacrashwithafireand16The contractor,Moonum Roofing,Shoot Golf Tournament, visits to AdWill unbelted passengers did. (This articleis fighting the claim onbasisitventureland Park and apicnic steak thethat was taken from Kaufman\'s Kolumn incannot rain on the moon without anfry.All members, associate members the March, 1986 issue ofatmosphere,sohedidnotinstalland their families are cordially invited the FLORIDA FORUM)drains.to attend. Page 3'