b'These two letters, dated December DIRECT FROM A DIRECTOR1938 and January 1939, were discovered cleaningoutmyoldrolltopdesk, ROLL TOP MEMORABILIA"which was my father\'s and his father\'s", tomake room foralarger desk with -December 13,1938more storage space for the new gener& -._; tions\' memorabilia. In moving my treasDear Fellow Contractors:ured old favors, many things were disI wouldthat you be kindme your opinion as to whetherwouldcovered. Wecontractors who are the askenough to giveitsecond and third generation have many besoundbusiness judgment if Iweretotry and arrangeameetingof allthetreasured pieces ofSome representatives ofininmemorabilia. the different firms engagedthe roofing businessthis vicinity tocanbe shared, somecannot.Ihope get together to discuss the probable future and its outlook.these letters brought back some good This meeting, ofwould obligate no one in any way, and the only reason of course,memories.Historydoesrepeat itself the meeting would be to get the different impressions as to justhat w would be done toand ifbackbeget we lookmaywe cana try and create better feelings amongst the trade.perspective ofld how our forefathers wouthis get-Personally, I, myself, am sure that some good can come out ofto-getherhave handled today\'s situations. meetingI believe thatone engaged in this line ofputIt\'s amazing how the good ol\' days andiftrade wouldhis impressions down in writing and offer some suggestions, there may develop the groundwork forsound like today. In today\'s turmoil of better understanding and better conditions for the future.competition, union versus non-union, Will you be kindmethis undertakinggive me yourlarge shops versus small, contractors enough to co-operate withinand impressions- whoknowsbutthatsomeof your answersmay betheproperagainst insurance companies and madconstructive material that, perhaps, mayfor a better future in our business life.men running about the world. Todays\' make All business ofkind depends solely for its success on fair dealing-notsituation is "reminiscence of the good whatsoever only with labor and the public, butthe confidence andofol\' days". inhearty co-operationeachButleastmembers of firm with the other that may be engaged in the same line ofatwe, who are business.the Midwest Roofing Contractors AssoIfto byofgroup ofand this rule is strictly adheredall membersanybusiness men,ciation, have a forum in which to meet each one knows that he has the hearty co-operation ofassociates in matters hisand discuss our mutual problems. To pertaining to the welfare ofis possible that some good mayof the trade, itcome outallkeep ourneed ofnow paralyzing this particular business.association strong, weto this chaos that ishave new members. Members who have ofgrowing businesses and who show reThis letter is written for one purpose only, and that is to try to call to the attention each firm that may be engaged in the roofing business here at St. Louis, the unholysponsibility towards the community in condition that is now existing in our business.Even though Imaynot have anywhich they live. As in30\'s and 40\'s response tothis letter, Iwill at least have had this opportunity of expressing mythe we need to bantot our,. thoughts and it is to be hoped that at least it will have had some good effect.togetherworkoumutual problems. Problems involving\'-"\' Butpient ofand ifou I do hope that each reci this letter will give it some thoughty ourownethicsaswellasmaterial, have any suggestions as to just what can be done to better our position, drop me ainsurance and labor costs. letter giving me your impressions and I assure you they will be held in the strictestI urge each member to seek all conconfidence until some futuredatewhen,with your permission, Iwill make themtractors inorr areathe hishe who show public.traits we are looking for as new memPlease address all letters to me.bers.We are looking for an association Sincerely yours,of qualified roofing contractors. Your membership committee has a Chas.0.Kirbergnew brochure which highlights the many things the association has done and is doing. Feel free to call or write for any number ofbrochures. Once you these receivethem,getthemouttothe January 3,1939contractors. Also tell the prospective member aboutyour own experiences withassociation and its\' convention. I the Dear Sir:have never yet attended a convention Your letter ofme to give mywhere someone did notan December 13/38, askingversion offering a solution tohaveanswer help us out ofin.foraroofproblemoranyproblem the plight we arerelatedtotheroofingindustry.IfI I would like to call to yourofignitaries attention a few words which oneour Great D could not find an answer, at least I\'d replied to a newspaper reporter when interviewed in 1914 to give his opinion for thehave learned how to minimize the dangers. reason of the outbreakof the WorldWar.Thesewords were,\'Hate,GreedandDon\'t forget- this year\'sconvention Jealousy".will be in St. Louis. St. Louis is adding we would apply these three wordsandmaynewotelst tommodate all our Ifto slatetile roofing, wefind the answer to our unhealthy business condition. Referring to the Christmas Spirit of, Peace onh jus accoEarth and Good Will to Men, I would advise,tooffer Good Will to one another,4- you in St. Louis. conventioneers. See thereby we mayin our business life. gain peace I suggest having a meeting in the near future and have all answers to your letteru ( lread.P.S. From these inquiries the Associated-Sincerely yours,Slate and Tile Roofers of Greater St. Louis was formed. OttoC.P. BorgerDoug Kirberg, Kirgerberg Roofing, Inc., St. Louis, Mo. Page 2'