b'Scholarships are awarded by theScholarship Selection MRCAFoundation\'s Board of Directors, and are based on such factors as thejProcedure FOUNDATION, INC applicant\'s academic performance,Candidates interested in applying I employment experience, financialfor anMRCAFoundation In fall of 1986, the MRCA Board ofneed, and demonstrated desire toScholarship Award, should submit Directors expressed an interest inpursue a career in the constructionthe required application, available the development of an associationindustry.from theMRCA- headquarters. sponsored scholarship program. AsEach application should include a result of this initial desire, in 1987three letters of recommendation to the Midwest Roofing ContractorsFoundation Fundingthe Foundation. Only one Jetter of Association, Inc. established aFollowing an initial grant beingrecommendation may come from a nonprofit corporation known as themade the Midwest RoofingDirector ofMRCA,and no letter "MRCA Foundation, Inc."Contractors Association infrom a Director of the Foundation conjunction with the unanimouswill be considered. Applications The Foundation was formed formust be postmarked no later than educational purposes in order to((approval of the articles ofJune 1 to be considered for awards provide scholarship assistance toincorporation and bylaws for thefor the subsequent academic year. students attending an educationalFoundation, the organization has institution at the post-secondaryoperaed and existed solely on thet basis of donated funds from friendsMRCA member companies are level. Today theMRCA of the association.encouraged to distribute Foundation considers applicants forapplications to academic scholarships "if they are pursuing orinstitutions in their geographic area, intend to pursue, a curriculum at anor to worthy students. accredited university, college,Be A Friend of the community college, vocational orMRCA Foundation trade school which will lead to aIndividuals, companies andr-,.career in the cosn truction industry."IPlease fill out this formI affiliated organizations areand return toMRCA:encouraged to become friends of theI8725 Rosebill Road, Suite 210I MRCA Foundation. ContributionsI Lenexa, Kansas 66215 I of cash, securities, real estate and inI,13/599-6600I Please give thememoriam gifts all result in a MRCA Foundation.;II charitable contribution for the donorEnclose your check made payable your serious attention.as well as fund this importantIto theMidwest Roofing ContractorsIThe Foundationindustry organizaion.t IAssociation Foundation, Inc.I isI an extremely important\'vehicle for creatingThe Board of Directors of the1Name I ~ and maintainingMRCAFoundation, Inc., selectI the professional statusthose scholars to receive FoundationICompany I of the roofing industry.funds, and will work with donors toI-:-:-:.:,_- I IYour supportensure that their objectives are met.IAddress- 1 I-is the key toPersons desiring to support theICityI success for the(.ISat teZipI Foundation should make their MRCA Foundation,donations payable to"MRCA I and the futureFoundation, Inc." and mail them toI __________ _ PhoneI of your industry.theMRCAheadquarters.II IAmount of contribution $ ____L-.J'