b"ASSOCIATION NEWS REUTERELECTED INTERNATIONALROOFING TRADEFEDERATION VICE-PRESIDENT J OHND. REUTER'S election asVice know-bow. The realization of thefamousJOHNREUTER presidenc of theInternational Associa roofing school at Mayen, Germany was one tion of Roofing Contractors is much moreof the fruits of their efforts, but until lastburg, not only of the U.S. and Canada, but importantthantheannouncement seems.summer, the European Federation of Roofle is not just a richly deserved honor, buting Contractorsnumberedonlyfourna of Great Britain, Denmark,Holland and it is visible evidence that history has beentions- Germany, Luxemburg, Austria andBelgium. created, for it is the realization of a dream,Switzerland.y,on a trip co Europe,John Reuter's speech at the Internationali the creation of the first World AssociationFour years ago whileConventioninLuxemburglastJulywas of Roofing Contractors.James McCawle Editor of the Americanoneof rhehighlightsoftheconvention. The dream began ten years ago when aRooferandBuildingImprovementCon HecomparedAmericanandEuropean, group of roofing contractors in Hannover,tractor, was consulted by the leaders of thepractice and ended with an appeal for rhe West Germany, outlined an ambitious planEuropeanFederationregardingthepos World'sroofingcontractorstounitenot to unite in afederationexistingroofingsible participation of roofing contractors inonly on a local and national basis bur on trade associations in Europe.the United Scates and Canada.an international basis. Part of their plan was the establishmentHeorganizeda convention trip to Eu The American Roofer and Building Im).~ of a roofing school which would teach notrope and the resulting publicicy encouragedprovement Contractor is proud of the part~ only application methods but managementrepresentation at the convention in Luxem- ithasplayedinthecreation of thefirst World Roofing Contractors Association. 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C.French,and translatedintohisownlanOct.12-13,1960.NationalHomeImproveguage through the earphones exactly simimentCouncil,Tacoma,Washington,EdgarFeb. 26-28, 1961.NERSICA,NationalEstabV.Hall,Sec'y, 51Madison Ave.,New Yark.lished Repair, Service andImprovement Con lar to the working of the United Nations. tractors'Association,HotelSherman,Chi AmericanandCanadian delegatesand Nov.5,1960.RoofingCraftsInstitute,Emcago. Frank J. Martin, Sec'y, 12 East 41st St.,guests will have receptions by the German, pireHotel,NewYork,N.Y.SamuolCanal,New York 17, N. Y. Sec'y, 254 W. 23rd St.,New York11,N. Y.Austrian and Swissroofing associationin Mar.23-26,1961.Roofing,Heating,Sheetthe convention trip being sponsored by the Nov.15-17,1960.BuildingResearchlnstiMetal&AirConditioningContractors'Ass'nAmericanRooferand Building Improvetute. Shoreham Hotel, Washington, D. C. Har of Georgia, Southeast TradeExposition,AtoldHorowitz,Sec'y,2101ConstitutionAve.,ment Contractor for the summer of 1962. Washington 25, D. C.lanta Biltmore Hotel, Atlanta, Ga. B. l. Nob The trip includes a jet flight co Basie in litt,Sec'y, 208 RedRockBldg., Atlanta, Ga. Nov.17-20,1960. Midwest RoofingContrac Switzerland;train ride to Dusseldorf, foltors Ass'n. Sheraton-Fontenelle Hotel, Omaha,Apr.6-7,1961. Sheet Metal,Air Condition lowing a week in Switzerland; train transit Nebr.Robt.P.Lyons,Sec'y,1000Power&ing& RoofingContractors' Ass'n. of I llinais.from the Dusseldorf convention to Vienna; light Bldg., Kansas City, Mo.PereMarquetteHotel,Peoria,Ill.MartinP. Lauerman, Sec'y, 237 E.TompkinSt., Gales airplane flight to Rome where a group of Jan.16-18, 1961. National RoofingContrac burg, Ill.roofing contractors will exhibit the old and tors Ass'n. Roosevelt Hotel,New Orleans, la.May 18-20, 1961.RoofingContractors' Ass'nnew in Italian roofs; then a possible extenFredGood, Sec'y, 189 W. Madison St., Chi of California, Santa Barbara, Calif.HowardsionflighttoIsraelwithaGovernment cago 2, Ill.E.Becker,Sec'y,P.0.Bax759,Stockton,sponsored reception and tour to Israel conFeb.6-8,1961.CanadianRoofingContrac Calif.struction and flight back to the U.S. torsAss'n.SheratonKingEdwardHotel,June29-July1,1961.CarolinasRoofing&The 1964 international convention will Toronto,Ontorio.M.Chevalier,Sec'y, 3405Sheet Metal Contractors' Ass'n, Ocean Forestbe held in Austria, and the 1966 convenCate Des Nieges, Montreal, Que.Hotel, Myrtle Beach, S. C.H. J. Stockard, Jr.,tion isexpected tobe held in the United Feb. 9-11, 1961. HomeImprovement ProdudsSec'y, P. 0. Box 408, Raleigh, N. C.States. nrTnR~~- 196049"