b'Presentingyour newmagazine . , JamesMcCawley,Editor EDITORIAL THIS JS THE largest issue in che hiscory of the two magazines which have merged coformtheAMERICANROOFER&BUILDINGIMPROVEMENTCONTRACTOR. le is an issue of which we are quire proud-the 50th year of the American Roofer and the 21st year of the National Roofer. With this issue the 22,000 readers of both magazines are also merged in a consolidated circulation. We consulted the readers of the cwo magazines as co the features they wished retained in the merger, and asked for suggestions as co new material rhey would like co see introduced. We have adopted many of these suggestions, and have planned co introduce some of the new features requested as soon as the necessary research is completed. This anniversary issue is frankly, nor a balanced issue. The major interest in the issue is oncommercial and industrial work, with particular emphasison problems discussed in anumber ofinterestingforums.However,nocechatAmericanRooferreadersare being introduced in chis issue to National Roofer\'s popular "What\'s YOUR Problem?"\' Youareinvitedto contributeyourheadachescotheProblemfeature,andifour answers to your problem or chose of ochers, does not agree with your opinions, you are urged very strongly co lee our readers have the benefit of your views. Our February issue will not be a balanced issue either. Ir will be devoted primarily co steep roofing and siding with emphasis on residential work. It will also be a record issue in the number of pages. Throughouttheyeartherewillbeapplicationinscruccionarticlesonthevarious produces of the industry. Bue-in response co readers\' requests there will be a series of articles on selling and estimating. The serieswill lacer appear inbookform.We are in agreement with our readers. While there certainly is a need for greater craft skills, the greatest need is information on the business side, how co conduct a profitable enterprise. You are in an exciting business, an industry which offers rich rewards tothose who cake advantage of its opportunitiesand an industry in which it is possible to start with small capital and climb the heights co financial independence. :___.,,,,.,___=\' _______'